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산타크루즈바이오테크놀러지는 단백질체학연구에 필요한 많은 종류의 제품을 제공하고 있습니다. UltraCruz®브랜드의 제품은 연구와 생산에 사용되는 실험실상용 지원제품을 포함하고있습니다. The UltraCruz®제품라인에는 membranes, gloves와 pH strips등 제품외에도 plasticware종합라인인 multi-well plates, centrifuge tubes, conicals와 dishes등 을 포함하고 있습니다. ExactaCruz®라인은 업계표준화된 생산과 연구에 사용되는 정확한 칫수측정용 제품인 pipettors, serological pipets과 controllers, pipets tips등 제품도 제공하고있습니다.


DISCOUNT: Bulk orders of Lab Supplies totaling $1,000 or more receive a 5% discount; or totaling $5,000 or more receive a 7% discount.




New Lab Start-Up Program

Save on startup costs and let Santa Cruz Biotechnology help you kick-start your research. Our New Lab Start-Up Program provides exclusive discounts on research products for 30 days. New labs will receive a 40% discount on all consumable labware such as serological pipettes, cell culture plates, pipette tips and more as well as a 10% discount on non-consumable labware, antibodies, RNAi, CRISPR and supporting reagents. To qualify, program participants must be either a principal investigator or a lab manager. New lab should be established within 90 days for consideration. There is no limit on the number of items on the order or the number of orders submitted within 30 days. Program begins on the first day of when your order is received. Please contact Technical Sales for more information on this exciting opportunity.

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