Mouse Transcription Regulators Transfected Cell Lysates

Santa Cruz Biotechnology offers an expansive library of transfected lysates that overexpress transcriptional regulators. Transcription factors are required for the initiation of transcription. They regulate transcription by binding to DNA at specific nucleotide sequences within promoters and enhancers. Transcription factors, which may also bind to RNA polymerase or to other transcription factors, are involved in the preinitiation complex formation. Upstream transcription factors and inducible transcription factors all bind upstream of the initiation site to repress or stimulate transcription. Upstream factors are unregulated, while inducible factors require inhibition or activation. Transfected lysates that express transcriptional regulators offer a reliable means to evaluate antibody quality and serve as excellent positive controls for experiments involving antibodies. Popular transfected lysates expressing transcriptional regulators include NFκB, NFAT, c-Fos and Stat.