Protein A, G & L Agarose Immunoprecipitation Reagents

Protein agarose for specific purification of immunoglobulin is available as either Protein A, Protein G, Protein G-PLUS or Protein L conjugated to agarose and pre-treated to reduce non-specific immunoglobulin binding. Each is provided at 0.5 ml agarose/2.0 ml, sufficient for 100 reactions. See table below to select the appropriate Protein Agarose product for the species and immunoglobulin type you wish to purify.

Immunoprecipitation agarose conjugates are pre-treated to reduce non-specific immunoglobulin binding and are provided at a concentration (0.5 ml agarose/2.0 ml) suitable for use at 20 µl per immunoprecipitation reaction. Number of reactions: 100.