Carnitine Acetyltransferase Inhibitors

The mitochondrial β-oxidation of long-chain fatty acids is initiated by the sequential action of carnitine palmitoyltransferase (CPT) I (outer membrane and detergent labile) and II (inner membrane and detergent stable), together with carnitine carrier. Biochemicals that inhibit Carnitine Acetyltransferase have many applications in biochemical and physiological research. Click on the product name to view detailed information such as the chemical structure and specific chemical properties for each of our Carnitine Acetyltransferase Inhibitors. In stock Carnitine Acetyltransferase Inhibitors are available for immediate shipping.

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Produktnamn/Ansökan CAS Katalog # Kvantitet Pris METODER RATING
(R)-Amino Carnitine
(R)-Amino Carnitine is an inhibitor of fatty acid oxidation
98063-21-9 sc-208234
5 mg
rac- Etomoxir
rac- Etomoxir is an inhibitor of carnitine palmitoyltransferase A (CPT1)
82258-36-4 sc-208284
20 mg
2-Bromooctadecanoic acid
2-Bromooctadecanoic acid is an inhibitor of fatty acid oxidation
142-94-9 sc-256100
1 g
2 g
(S)-Amino Carnitine
(S)-Amino Carnitine is a hypoglycemic and antiketogenic compound
125377-87-9 sc-391837
2.5 mg