Gene Editing


Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc. now offers RNAi and genome editing technologies to accomplish RNAi knockdown, permanent gene knockout or transient gene activation. Our RNAi products include siRNA and shRNA (plasmid and lentiviral) gene silencers targeted to all known human and mouse genes. In addition to traditional RNAi technology, we now offer genome editing (CRISPR) technology for over 18,910 human and 18,340 mouse protein-encoding genes. Our CRISPR product line includes CRISPR/Cas9 Knockout (KO) Plasmids, CRISPR Double Nickase Plasmids, CRISPR Activation Plasmids and CRISPR Lentiviral Activation Particles. CRISPR/Cas9 KO Plasmids and CRISPR Double Nickase Plasmids enable the identification and cleavage of specific genes encoding a protein of interest thereby eliminating production of that gene product. CRISPR Activation Plasmids and CRISPR Lentiviral Activation Particles activate endogenous gene transcription using a robust synergistic activation mediator (SAM) system. Suitable control antibodies and RT-PCR primers are available for monitoring gene expression.

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