Proteínas de adhesión celular

Santa Cruz Biotechnology offers conjugated and unconjugated monoclonal primary antibodies directed against most cell adhesion proteins. Cell adhesion molecules mediate the attachment of the cell to other cells or to the extracellular matrix. Typical cell adhesion molecules are transmembrane proteins with three domains: an extracellular domain that interacts with other cell adhesion molecules, a transmembrane domain, and an intra-cellular domain that interacts with the cytoskeleton. Most cell adhesion molecules belong to the integrin, selectin, cadherin or Ig (immunoglobulin) families.

Most of our popular antibodies are also available as ImmunoCruz® Conjugates, including AC, HRP, PE, FITC, Alexa Fluor® 488, 546, 594, 647, 680, and 790 conjugates for direct Western Blotting and Staining applications, eliminating the need for a secondary antibody. Additional conjugates are also available for many antibodies, including Biotin, TRITC, PE-Cy5, PE-Cy7, APC, APC-Cy7, Alexa Fluor® 405, PerCP and PerCP-Cy5.5.


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