DOT1L1 Inhibitoren

DOT1L1, also known as DOT1L (DOT1-like, histone H3 methyltransferase), DOT1 or KMT4, is a 1739 amino acid homolog of the yeast DOT1 (disruptor of telomeric silencing-1) protein. Biochemicals that inhibit DOT1L1 have many applications in biochemical and physiological research. Click on the product name to view detailed information such as the chemical structure and specific chemical properties for each of our DOT1L1 Inhibitors. In stock DOT1L1 Inhibitors are available for immediate shipping.

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Produkt/Anwendungen CAS Katalog # Menge Preis Referenzen Bewertung
Eosin Y Disodium Trihydrate
Eosin Y Disodium Trihydrate is an inhibitor of PRMTs
17372-87-1 sc-202776
50 mg
500 mg
5 g
SGC-0946 is an inhibitor of DOT1L1.
1561178-17-3 sc-473869
5 mg

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