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Tumor Suppressor/Apoptosis

Santa Cruz Biotechnology offers a variety of gene silencing products to target tumor suppressor and apoptosis proteins via RNA interference (RNAi). Tumor suppressor proteins reduce the probability that a cell in a multicellular organism will become cancerous. Tumor suppressors have a repressive effect on the regulation of the cell cycle and/or are involved in the induction or inhibition of apoptosis via various mechanisms. A mutation or deletion in a gene encoding for a tumor suppressor increases the probability of the formation of a tumor. In addition to cell cycle regulation and apoptosis promotion, some of the functions of tumor suppressors include: signaling through adhesion molecules to the nucleus, transcriptional regulation, transmembrane reception, activation through phosphorylation, and DNA mismatch repair. To knockdown expression of tumor suppressor and apoptosis proteins, Santa Cruz Biotechnology offers siRNA, shRNA plasmid and shRNA lentiviral particles.


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