RXR γ Activators

Retinoids are metabolites of vitamin A (retinol) and are believed to represent important signaling molecules during vertebrate development and tissue differentiation. Biochemicals that activate RXR gamma have many applications in biochemical and physiological research. Click on the product name to view detailed information such as the chemical structure and specific chemical properties for each of our RXR gamma Activators biochemicals. In stock RXR gamma Activators are available for immediate shipping.

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PRODUCT NAME/Application CAS Catalog # QUANTITY Price Citations RATING
Bexarotene is a selective agonist of retinoid X receptors
153559-49-0 sc-217753
10 mg
100 mg
LG 100268
LG 100268 is a potent agonist of RXR
153559-76-3 sc-211737
5 mg
Bexarotene d4
Bexarotene d4 is an agonist of RXR α, RXR β and RXR γ
153559-49-0 (unlabeled) sc-353071
10 mg