Hoechsts biochemicals from Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc. have many applications in biochemical and biomedical research. Click on the product of choice to view detailed information such as the chemical structure and specific chemical properties. In stock Hoechsts biochemicals are available for immediate shipping.

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PRODUCT NAME/Application CAS Catalog # QUANTITY Price Citations RATING
Hoechst 33342 trihydrochloride
Hoechst 33342 trihydrochloride is an A:T-specific DNA minor groove ligand used for visualizing cellular DNA
23491-52-3 sc-200908
100 mg
Hoechst 33258, UltraPure grade
Hoechst 33258, UltraPure grade is a fluorescent stain useful for DNA labeling
23491-45-4 sc-391053
100 mg
Hoechst 33342, UltraPure grade
Hoechst 33342, UltraPure grade is a lipophilic fluorescent stain for DNA labeling
23491-52-3 sc-391054
100 mg
1 g
Hoechst 33258
Hoechst 33258 is a fluorescent stain used for labeling DNA in fluorescent microscopy
23491-45-4 sc-394039
5 ml