Adenylate Kinase Inhibitors

Adenylate kinases 1–5 (designated AK1–5) are a set of enzymes that regulate the phosphorylation state of intracellular adenine nucleotides, which are the principle high-energy phosphoryl-carrying molecules in living cells. Biochemicals that inhibit Adenylate Kinase have many applications in biochemical and physiological research. Click on the product name to view detailed information such as the chemical structure and specific chemical properties for each of our Adenylate Kinase Inhibitors. In stock Adenylate Kinase Inhibitors are available for immediate shipping.

PRODUCT NAME/Application CAS Catalog # QUANTITY Price Citations RATING
P1,P5-Di(adenosine-5′-)pentaphosphate, Trilithium Salt
P1,P5-Di(adenosine-5′-)pentaphosphate, Trilithium Salt is an inhibitor of adenylate kinase
75522-97-3 sc-204156
25 mg
100 mg
250 mg
1 g
Dermatan Sulfate
Dermatan Sulfate is a mucopolysaccharide acts as a potent mediator of FGF-2 responsiveness
54328-33-5 sc-203916
50 mg
250 mg