Mounting Media for Staining

Santa Cruz Biotechnology offers a selection of high quality and easy to use mounting media for mounting and preservation of fluorescence-stained tissues and cells. UltraCruz® Mounting Medium and UltraCruz® Hard-set Mounting Medium are used for the preservation of fluorescent-stained tissues and cells and to inhibit photobleaching of probes containing fluorescein, Texas Red, Rhodamine, and other fluorochromes including CruzFluor™ (CFL) fluorescent dyes. Similar to Alexa Fluor® fluorescent dyes, CruzFluor™ fluorescent dyes have superior ability to resist protein quenching and are available with maximum excitation wavelengths of 405, 488, 555, 594, 647, 680 and 790 nm. UltraCruz® Hard-set Mounting Medium provides the same superior anti-fade and anti-photobleaching properties as UltraCruz® Mounting Medium and hardens when slides are cover-slipped. UltraCruz® Mounting Medium and UltraCruz® Hard-set Mounting Medium contain 4',6-diamidino-2phenylindole (DAPI), which is intended to be used to counterstain DNA. DAPI excites at about 360 nm and emits at about 460 nm when bound to DNA, producing a blue fluorescence. DAPI may also stain RNA.