IRAP Substrates

IRAP (Insulin-responsive aminopeptidase), also known as LNPEP (Leucyl-cystinyl aminopeptidase), OTase (Oxytocinase) or P-LAP (Placental leucine aminopeptidase), is a 1,025 amino acid protein that is highly expressed in placenta, heart, kidney and small intestine and at lower levels in neuronal cells in brain, in skeletal muscle, spleen, liver, testis and colon. Biochemicals that act as substrates for IRAP have many applications in biochemical and physiological research. Click on the product name to view detailed information such as the chemical structure and specific chemical properties for each of our IRAP Substrates biochemicals. In stock IRAP Substrates are available for immediate shipping.

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PRODUCT NAME/Application CAS Catalog # QUANTITY Price Citations RATING
Leu-pNA, Chromogenic Substrate
Leu-pNA, Chromogenic Substrate is an aminopeptidase substrate used to detect/evaluate functionality of aminopeptidases.
4178-93-2 sc-201164
100 mg
S-Benzyl-L-cysteine p-nitroanilide
S-Benzyl-L-cysteine p-nitroanilide is a substrate used for the assay of oxytocinase (IRAP)
7436-62-6 sc-253447
250 mg