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GrpEL 抗体

简介 HOVERcruz™

一个独特的系统为快速识别GrpEL 抗体。将鼠标悬停在表中看到有代表性的数据为每个产品的产品名称。



GrpEL1 (D-15)sc-242966山羊 IgGInternal (h)WB, IP, IF, ELISAm, r, hWB, IP, IF, ELISA
GrpEL2 (P-13)sc-164555山羊 IgGInternal (h)WB, IP, IF, ELISAm, r, h, e, c, bWB, IP, IF, ELISA
GrpEL2 (T-14)sc-164556山羊 IgGN-terminal (h)WB, IF, ELISAm, r, hWB, IF, ELISA
GrpEL2 (Y-14)sc-164557山羊 IgGInternal (h)WB, IP, IF, ELISAm, r, hWB, IP, IF, ELISA

GrpEL 特异 siRNA, shRNA 质粒和 shRNA 慢病毒颗粒基因沉默子产品包括:

siRNAshRNA 质粒shRNA 慢病毒颗粒应用排名
GrpEL1 siRNA (h): sc-89323GrpEL1 shRNA Plasmid (h):
GrpEL1 shRNA (h)
Not Rated
GrpEL1 siRNA (m): sc-145781GrpEL1 shRNA Plasmid (m):
GrpEL1 shRNA (m)
Not Rated
GrpEL2 siRNA (h): sc-91628GrpEL2 shRNA Plasmid (h):
GrpEL2 shRNA (h)
Not Rated
GrpEL2 siRNA (m): sc-145782GrpEL2 shRNA Plasmid (m):
GrpEL2 shRNA (m)
Not Rated

GrpEL2 (GrpE protein homolog 2) is a 225 amino acid mitochondrial matrix protein and component of the PAM complex. Consisting of Tim44, Tim14, HSP 70, Magmas, GrpEL1 and GrpEL2, the PAM complex plays an essential role in the ATP-dependent translocation of transit peptide-containing proteins to the mitochondrial matrix from the inner membrane. GrpEL2 regulates the nucleotide-dependent binding of mitochondrial HSP70 to substrate proteins and stimulates its ATPase activity. The gene encoding GrpEL2 maps to human chromosome 5, which contains 181 million base pairs and comprises nearly 6% of the human genome. Deletion of the p arm of chromosome 5 leads to Cri du chat syndrome, while deletion of the q arm or of chromosome 5 altogether is common in therapy-related acute myelogenous leukemias and myelodysplastic syndrome.