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SorCS Antibodies

Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc. offers a broad range of SorCS antibodies. Select SorCS antibodies from several monoclonal and/or polyclonal SorCS antibodies listed below. View detailed SorCS antibody specifications by linking to the specific product blocks. Select appropriate SorCS antibodies for your research by isotype, epitope, applications and species reactivity. SorCS gene silencer products in siRNA, shRNA Plasmid, shRNA Lentiviral Particle and CRISPR/Cas9 Knockout Plasmid formats are also available.

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SorCS1 (E-8)sc-365605mouse IgG134-153 (h)WB, IP, IF, ELISAhuman
SorCS1 (H-120)sc-67092rabbit IgG34-153 (h)WB, IP, IF, ELISAhuman
SorCS1 (M-15)sc-32341goat IgGC-terminal (m)WB, IF, ELISAm, r, h, e, c, b, p, a
SorCS1 (M-120)sc-67093rabbit IgG34-153 (m)WB, IP, IF, ELISAm, r
SorCS1 (D-20)sc-32340goat IgGinternal (m)WB, IF, ELISAm, r, h, e, c, b, p, a
SorCS2 (A-10)sc-398412mouse IgG2a755-1012 (h)WB, IP, IF, ELISAhumanNEW
SorCS2 (D-12)sc-104658goat IgGInternal (h)WB, IF, ELISAm, r, h, e, c
SorCS2 (H-258)sc-368356rabbit IgG755-1012 (h)WB, IP, IF, ELISAm, r, hNEW
SorCS3 (C-19)sc-324334goat IgGC-terminal (h)WB, IF, ELISAm, r, hNEW
SorCS3 (N-17)sc-324332goat IgGN-terminal (h)WB, IF, ELISAhumanNEW
SorCS2 (V-14)sc-104660goat IgGInternal (h)WB, IF, ELISAm, r, hNEW

SorCS CRISPR/Cas9 Knockout Plasmids include:

SorCS1 CRISPR/Cas9 KO Plasmid (h)sc-406146gene knockouthumanNEW
SorCS2 CRISPR/Cas9 KO Plasmid (h)sc-407821gene knockouthumanNEW
SorCS3 CRISPR/Cas9 KO Plasmid (h)sc-411644gene knockouthumanNEW
SorCS1 CRISPR/Cas9 KO Plasmid (m)sc-425469gene knockoutmouseNEW
SorCS2 CRISPR/Cas9 KO Plasmid (m)sc-429879gene knockoutmouseNEW
SorCS3 CRISPR/Cas9 KO Plasmid (m)sc-426141gene knockoutmouseNEW

SorCS siRNA, shRNA Plasmid and shRNA Lentiviral Particles gene silencers include:

siRNAsshRNA PlasmidsshRNA Lentiviral ParticlesCITATIONSRANKING
SorCS1 siRNA (h): sc-44745SorCS1 shRNA Plasmid (h):
SorCS1 shRNA (h)
Lentiviral Particles: sc-44745-V
Not Yet Rated
SorCS1 siRNA (m): sc-44746SorCS1 shRNA Plasmid (m):
SorCS1 shRNA (m)
Lentiviral Particles: sc-44746-V
SorCS2 siRNA (h): sc-88953SorCS2 shRNA Plasmid (h):
SorCS2 shRNA (h)
Lentiviral Particles: sc-88953-V
Not Yet Rated
SorCS2 siRNA (m): sc-106557SorCS2 shRNA Plasmid (m):
SorCS2 shRNA (m)
Lentiviral Particles: sc-106557-V
Not Yet Rated
SorCS3 siRNA (h): sc-106558SorCS3 shRNA Plasmid (h):
SorCS3 shRNA (h)
Lentiviral Particles: sc-106558-V
Not Yet Rated
SorCS3 siRNA (m): sc-153685SorCS3 shRNA Plasmid (m):
SorCS3 shRNA (m)
Lentiviral Particles: sc-153685-V
Not Yet Rated

There are three sorCS genes that have diverse, partially overlapping functions in the central nervous system. In the developing and mature central nervous system, the homologous SorCS1 and SorCS2 genes and the SorCS3 gene are expressed in a combinatorial, non-overlapping pattern. SorCS proteins show homology to the mosaic receptor SorLA and the neurotensin receptor sortilin, based on a common VPS10 domain, which is the hallmark of the SorCS receptor family. SorCS1 is a type 1 receptor containing a VPS10P domain and a leucine-rich domain. Alternative splicing of human SorCS1 results in four isoforms with different cytoplasmic tails and differential expression in tissues. Human SorCS1 is detected in fetal and infant brain and in fetal retina. Alternative splicing of murine SorCS1 also results in four isoforms. Murine isoform 1 is highly expressed in brain and at lower levels in heart, liver and kidney. It is detected in newborn mouse brain and in adult olfactory bulb and cerebral cortex. Murine isoform 2 is highly expressed in liver and at lower levels in heart, brain, kidney and testis.