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PheRS Antibodies

Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc. offers a broad range of PheRS antibodies. Select PheRS antibodies from several monoclonal and/or polyclonal PheRS antibodies listed below. View detailed PheRS antibody specifications by linking to the specific product blocks. Select appropriate PheRS antibodies for your research by isotype, epitope, applications and species reactivity. PheRS gene silencer products in siRNA, shRNA Plasmid, shRNA Lentiviral Particle and CRISPR/Cas9 Knockout Plasmid formats are also available.

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PheRS (F-9)sc-166048mouse IgG11-300 (h)WB, IP, IF, ELISAm, h
PheRS (H-300)sc-98544rabbit IgG1-300 (h)WB, IP, IF, ELISAm, r, h, e, c
PheRS (P-18)sc-79271goat IgGInternal (h)WB, IF, ELISAm, r, h, e, c
PheRS (T-19)sc-79272goat IgGInternal (h)WB, IP, IF, ELISAm, r, h, e, c, b, p

PheRS CRISPR/Cas9 Knockout Plasmids include:

PheRS CRISPR/Cas9 KO Plasmid (h)sc-411499gene knockouthumanNEW
PheRS CRISPR/Cas9 KO Plasmid (m)sc-427584gene knockoutmouseNEW

PheRS siRNA, shRNA Plasmid and shRNA Lentiviral Particles gene silencers include:

siRNAsshRNA PlasmidsshRNA Lentiviral ParticlesCITATIONSRANKING
PheRS siRNA (h): sc-76115PheRS shRNA Plasmid (h):
PheRS shRNA (h)
Lentiviral Particles: sc-76115-V
Not Yet Rated
PheRS siRNA (m): sc-76116PheRS shRNA Plasmid (m):
PheRS shRNA (m)
Lentiviral Particles: sc-76116-V
Not Yet Rated

The fidelity of protein synthesis requires efficient discrimination of amino acid substrates by aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases. Aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases function to catalyze the aminoacylation of tRNAs by their corresponding amino acids, thus linking amino acids with tRNA-contained nucleotide triplets. PheRS (phenylalanyl-tRNA synthetase 2, mitochondrial), also known as FARS2, is a 451 amino acid mitochondrial matrix protein that belongs to the class II aminoacyl-tRNA synthetase family. Functioning as a monomer, PheRS catalyzes the ATP-dependent conversion of L-phenylalanine and tRNA(Phe) to L-phenylalanyl-tRNA(Phe), an event that is crucial for proper translation and protein expression. The gene encoding PheRS maps to human chromosome 6, which contains 170 million base pairs and comprises nearly 6% of the human genome.