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NMNAT Antibodies

Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc. offers a broad range of NMNAT antibodies. Select NMNAT antibodies from several monoclonal and/or polyclonal NMNAT antibodies listed below. View detailed NMNAT antibody specifications by linking to the specific product blocks. Select appropriate NMNAT antibodies for your research by isotype, epitope, applications and species reactivity. NMNAT gene silencer products in siRNA, shRNA Plasmid, shRNA Lentiviral Particle and CRISPR/Cas9 Knockout Plasmid formats are also available.

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NMNAT-1 (B-7)sc-271557mouse IgG1171-279 (h)WB, IP, IF, IHC(P), ELISAhuman
NMNAT-1 (D-20)sc-30842goat IgGC-terminal (h)WB, IF, ELISAm, r, h, e, c, b
NMNAT-1 (N-17)sc-30841goat IgGN-terminal (h)WB, IP, IF, ELISAm, r, h, e, c, b, a
NMNAT-1 (H-109)sc-98249rabbit IgG171-279 (h)WB, IP, IF, ELISAm, r, h, c, b
NMNAT-2 (H-100)sc-134935rabbit IgG208-307 (h)WB, IP, IF, ELISAm, r, h, e, c, b, p, a
NMNAT-2 (C-20)sc-55861goat IgGC-terminal (h)WB, IF, ELISAm, r, h, e, c, b, p, a
NMNAT-2 (V-20)sc-55864goat IgGInternal (h)WB, IF, IHC(P), ELISAm, r, h, e, c, b, p, a
NMNAT-3 (B-9)sc-398848mouse IgG1159-187 (m)WB, IP, IF, ELISAmouseNEW
NMNAT-3 (D-10)sc-390433mouse IgG1151-230 (h)WB, IP, IF, ELISAm, hNEW
NMNAT-3 (C-14)sc-55865goat IgGC-terminal (h)WB, IF, ELISAhuman
NMNAT-3 (C-19)sc-55866goat IgGInternal (m)WB, IP, IF, ELISAmouse
NMNAT-3 (H-80)sc-134936rabbit IgG151-230 (h)WB, IP, IF, ELISAm, r, h, p
NMNAT-3 (L-15)sc-55871goat IgGN-terminal (r)WB, IP, IF, ELISAm, r, e, c, a
NMNAT-3 (S-13)sc-55874goat IgGInternal (h)WB, IP, IF, ELISAhuman
NMNAT-3 (V-14)sc-55875goat IgGN-terminal (m)WB, IF, IHC(P), ELISAm, r, p, a

NMNAT CRISPR/Cas9 Knockout Plasmids include:

NMNAT-1 CRISPR/Cas9 KO Plasmid (h)sc-403085gene knockouthumanNEW
NMNAT-2 CRISPR/Cas9 KO Plasmid (h)sc-403330gene knockouthumanNEW
NMNAT-3 CRISPR/Cas9 KO Plasmid (h)sc-403839gene knockouthumanNEW
NMNAT-1 CRISPR/Cas9 KO Plasmid (m)sc-426032gene knockoutmouseNEW
NMNAT-2 CRISPR/Cas9 KO Plasmid (m)sc-432634gene knockoutmouseNEW
NMNAT-3 CRISPR/Cas9 KO Plasmid (m)sc-428711gene knockoutmouseNEW

NMNAT siRNA, shRNA Plasmid and shRNA Lentiviral Particles gene silencers include:

siRNAsshRNA PlasmidsshRNA Lentiviral ParticlesCITATIONSRANKING
NMNAT-1 siRNA (h): sc-45502NMNAT-1 shRNA Plasmid (h):
NMNAT-1 shRNA (h)
Lentiviral Particles: sc-45502-V
NMNAT-1 siRNA (m): sc-45503NMNAT-1 shRNA Plasmid (m):
NMNAT-1 shRNA (m)
Lentiviral Particles: sc-45503-V
NMNAT-2 siRNA (h): sc-62693NMNAT-2 shRNA Plasmid (h):
NMNAT-2 shRNA (h)
Lentiviral Particles: sc-62693-V
NMNAT-2 siRNA (m): sc-62694NMNAT-2 shRNA Plasmid (m):
NMNAT-2 shRNA (m)
Lentiviral Particles: sc-62694-V
Not Yet Rated
NMNAT-3 siRNA (h): sc-62695NMNAT-3 shRNA Plasmid (h):
NMNAT-3 shRNA (h)
Lentiviral Particles: sc-62695-V
NMNAT-3 siRNA (m): sc-62696NMNAT-3 shRNA Plasmid (m):
NMNAT-3 shRNA (m)
Lentiviral Particles: sc-62696-V

NMNAT proteins are essential cofactors involved in the fundamental processes of cell metabolism. They belong to the eukaryotic NMN adenylyltransferase family. NMNATs participate in the synthesis of NAD+ by catalyzing the condensation of nicotinamide mononucleotide and ATP. The presence of magnesium and other divalent cations increases their enzymatic activity. The interaction of NMNATs with nuclear proteins is likely to be modulated by phosphorylation. NMNAT proteins contain at least three potential phosphorylation sites and may act as substrates for nuclear kinases. NMNAT-2 is highly expressed in the brain, especially in the cerebrum, cerebellum, occipital lobe, frontal lobe, temporal lobe and putamen. NMNAT-3 localizes to the mitochrondria. Highly expressed in the spleen and lungs, NMNAT-3 is able to form homotetramers.