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Flow Cytometry and Immunofluorescent Staining

Santa Cruz Biotechnology offers a wide range of primary and secondary antibodies useful for flow cytometry and immunofluorescence microscopy with surface or internal cell staining. We offer an array of primary and secondary antibodies as conjugates with FITC (fluorescein isothiocyanate), TRITC (tetramethylrhodamine isothiocyanate), TR (Texas Red), PE (phycoerythrin), PE-Cy5, PE-Cy7, APC (allophycocyanin), APC-Cy7, AF488 (Alexa Fluor® 488), AF647 (Alexa Fluor® 647), AF405 (Alexa Fluor® 405), PerCP (peridinin chlorophyll protein) and PerCP-Cy5.5.

Secondary AntibodiesIntracellular FCM ReagentsControl Immunoglobulins and Conjugates

α Tubulin (B-7) FITCsc-5286 FITCm, r, hIC-FCM, IF
α Tubulin (B-7) PEsc-5286 PEm, r, hIC-FCM
α Tubulin (B-7) Alexa Fluor® 488sc-5286 AF488m, r, hIC-FCM, IF
α Tubulin (B-7) Alexa Fluor® 647sc-5286 AF647m, r, hIC-FCM, IF
α Tubulin (B-7) PerCPsc-5286 PerCPm, r, hIC-FCM
α Tubulin (B-7) PCPC5sc-5286 PCPC5m, r, hIC-FCM
α Tubulin (TU-02) FITCsc-8035 FITCm, r, h, pigIC-FCM, IF
α Tubulin (TU-02) Alexa Fluor® 488sc-8035 AF488m, r, h, pigIC-FCM, IF
α Tubulin (TU-02) Alexa Fluor® 647sc-8035 AF647m, r, h, pigIC-FCM, IF
α Tubulin (TU-02) PerCPsc-8035 PerCPm, r, h, pigIC-FCM
α Tubulin (TU-02) PCPC5sc-8035 PCPC5m, r, h, pigIC-FCM
ABCG2 (5D3) FITCsc-18841 FITChumanFCM, IF
ABCG2 (5D3) PEsc-18841 PEhumanFCM
Actin (C-2) FITCsc-8432 FITCm, r, hIC-FCM, IF
Actin (C-2) PEsc-8432 PEm, r, hIC-FCM
Actin (C-2) Alexa Fluor® 488sc-8432 AF488m, r, hIC-FCM, IF
Actin (C-2) Alexa Fluor® 647sc-8432 AF647m, r, hIC-FCM, IF
Actin (C-2) PerCPsc-8432 PerCPm, r, hIC-FCM
Actin (C-2) PCPC5sc-8432 PCPC5m, r, hIC-FCM
Actin (I-19) FITCsc-1616 FITCm, r, hIC-FCM, IF
Actin (I-19) Alexa Fluor® 488sc-1616 AF488m, r, hIC-FCM, IF
Actin (I-19) Alexa Fluor® 647sc-1616 AF647m, r, hIC-FCM, IF
Adenosine A2A-R (7F6-G5-A2) FITCsc-32261 FITCm, r, hFCM, IF
Adenosine A2A-R (7F6-G5-A2) PEsc-32261 PEm, r, hFCM
Adenosine A2A-R (7F6-G5-A2) PerCPsc-32261 PerCPm, r, hFCM
Adenosine A2A-R (7F6-G5-A2) PCPC5sc-32261 PCPC5m, r, hFCM
AIF (E-1) FITCsc-13116 FITCm, r, hIC-FCM, IF
AIF (E-1) PEsc-13116 PEm, r, hIC-FCM
Akt1 (B-1) FITCsc-5298 FITCm, r, hIC-FCM, IF
Akt1 (B-1) PEsc-5298 PEm, r, hIC-FCM
Akt1 (C-20) PEsc-1618 PEm, r, hIC-FCM
Bax (2D2) FITCsc-20067 FITChumanIC-FCM
Bax (2D2) PEsc-20067 PEhumanIC-FCM
Bax (2D2) Alexa Fluor® 488sc-20067 AF488humanIC-FCM, IF
Bax (2D2) Alexa Fluor® 647sc-20067 AF647humanIC-FCM, IF
Bax (2D2) PerCPsc-20067 PerCPhumanIC-FCM
Bax (2D2) PCPC5sc-20067 PCPC5humanIC-FCM
Bax (B-9) FITCsc-7480 FITCm, r, hIC-FCM, IF
Bax (B-9) PEsc-7480 PEm, r, hIC-FCM
Bax (B-9) Alexa Fluor® 488sc-7480 AF488m, r, hIC-FCM, IF
Bax (B-9) Alexa Fluor® 647sc-7480 AF647m, r, hIC-FCM, IF
Bax (B-9) PerCPsc-7480 PerCPm, r, hIC-FCM
Bax (B-9) PCPC5sc-7480 PCPC5m, r, hIC-FCM
Bcl-2 (100) FITCsc-509 FITChumanIC-FCM, IF
Bcl-2 (100) PEsc-509 PEhumanIC-FCM
Bcl-2 (100) Alexa Fluor® 488sc-509 AF488humanIC-FCM, IF
Bcl-2 (100) Alexa Fluor® 647sc-509 AF647humanIC-FCM, IF
Bcl-2 (100) PerCPsc-509 PerCPhumanIC-FCM
Bcl-2 (100) PCPC5sc-509 PCPC5humanIC-FCM
Bcl-2 (C-2) FITCsc-7382 FITCm, r, hIC-FCM, IF
Bcl-2 (C-2) PEsc-7382 PEm, r, hIC-FCM
Bcl-2 (C-2) Alexa Fluor® 405sc-7382 AF405m, r, hIC-FCM, IF
Bcl-2 (C-2) Alexa Fluor® 488sc-7382 AF488m, r, hIC-FCM, IF
Bcl-2 (C-2) Alexa Fluor® 647sc-7382 AF647m, r, hIC-FCM, IF
Bcl-2 (C-2) PerCPsc-7382 PerCPm, r, hIC-FCM
Bcl-2 (C-2) PCPC5sc-7382 PCPC5m, r, hIC-FCM
Bcl-xL (H-5) FITCsc-8392 FITCm, r, hIC-FCM, IF
Bcl-xL (H-5) PEsc-8392 PEm, r, hIC-FCM
Bcl-xL (H-5) PerCPsc-8392 PerCPm, r, hIC-FCM
Bcl-xL (H-5) PCPC5sc-8392 PCPC5m, r, hIC-FCM
Blimp-1 (C-21) PEsc-13206 PEm, r, hIC-FCM
Blimp-1 (N-20) PEsc-13203 PEm, r, hIC-FCM
Blimp-1 (N-20) PerCPsc-13203 PerCPm, r, hIC-FCM
Blimp-1 (N-20) PCPC5sc-13203 PCPC5m, r, hIC-FCM
BrdU (Bu20A) FITCsc-20045 FITCN/AIC-FCM, IF
BrdU (Bu20A) PEsc-20045 PEN/AIC-FCM
BrdU (Bu20A) PerCPsc-20045 PerCPN/AIC-FCM
BrdU (Bu20A) PCPC5sc-20045 PCPC5N/AIC-FCM
BrdU (IIB5) PEsc-32323 PEN/AIC-FCM
c-Myc (9E10) FITCsc-40 FITCm, r, hIC-FCM, IF
c-Myc (9E10) PEsc-40 PEm, r, hIC-FCM
c-Myc (9E10) Alexa Fluor® 488sc-40 AF488m, r, hIC-FCM, IF
c-Myc (9E10) Alexa Fluor® 647sc-40 AF647m, r, hIC-FCM, IF
c-Myc (9E10) PerCPsc-40 PerCPm, r, hIC-FCM
c-Myc (9E10) PCPC5sc-40 PCPC5m, r, hIC-FCM
C23 (MS-3) FITCsc-8031 FITCm, r, hIC-FCM, IF
C23 (MS-3) PEsc-8031 PEm, r, hIC-FCM
CAR (E1-1) FITCsc-56892 FITChumanIC-FCM, IF
CAR (E1-1) PEsc-56892 PEhumanIC-FCM
caspase-3 (E-8) FITCsc-7272 FITChumanIC-FCM, IF
caspase-3 (E-8) PEsc-7272 PEhumanIC-FCM
caspase-3 (E-8) Alexa Fluor® 488sc-7272 AF488humanIC-FCM, IF
caspase-3 (E-8) Alexa Fluor® 647sc-7272 AF647humanIC-FCM, IF
CD1A (HI149) FITCsc-19636 FITChumanFCM, IF
CD1A (HI149) PEsc-19636 PEhumanFCM
CD1A (HI149) Alexa Fluor® 488sc-19636 AF488humanFCM, IF
CD1A (HI149) Alexa Fluor® 647sc-19636 AF647humanFCM, IF
CD1A (HI149) PerCPsc-19636 PerCPhumanFCM
CD1A (HI149) PCPC5sc-19636 PCPC5humanFCM
CD3-ε (UCH-T1) FITCsc-1179 FITChumanFCM, IF
CD3-ε (UCH-T1) PEsc-1179 PEhumanFCM
CD3-ε (UCH-T1) Alexa Fluor® 488sc-1179 AF488humanFCM, IF
CD3-ε (UCH-T1) Alexa Fluor® 647sc-1179 AF647humanFCM, IF
CD3-ε (UCH-T1) PerCPsc-1179 PerCPhumanFCM
CD3-ε (UCH-T1) PCPC5sc-1179 PCPC5humanFCM
CD3-ε (145-2C11) FITCsc-18871 FITCmouseFCM, IF
CD3-ε (145-2C11) PEsc-18871 PEmouseFCM
CD3-ε (145-2C11) PerCPsc-18871 PerCPmouseFCM
CD3-ε (145-2C11) PCPC5sc-18871 PCPC5mouseFCM
CD3-ζ (6B10.2) FITCsc-1239 FITCm, r, hIC-FCM, IF
CD3-ζ (6B10.2) PEsc-1239 PEm, r, hIC-FCM
CD3-ζ (6B10.2) Alexa Fluor® 488sc-1239 AF488m, r, hIC-FCM, IF
CD3-ζ (6B10.2) Alexa Fluor® 647sc-1239 AF647m, r, hIC-FCM, IF
CD3-ζ (6B10.2) PerCPsc-1239 PerCPm, r, hIC-FCM
CD3-ζ (6B10.2) PCPC5sc-1239 PCPC5m, r, hIC-FCM
CD4 (18-46) FITCsc-1176 FITChumanFCM, IF
CD4 (18-46) PEsc-1176 PEhumanFCM
CD4 (18-46) APCsc-1176 APChumanFCM
CD4 (18-46) PerCPsc-1176 PerCPhumanFCM
CD4 (18-46) PCPC5sc-1176 PCPC5humanFCM
CD4 (MT310) FITCsc-19641 FITChumanFCM, IF
CD4 (MT310) PEsc-19641 PEhumanFCM
CD4 (MT310) PEC7sc-19641 PEC7humanFCM
CD4 (MT310) APCC7sc-19641 APCC7humanFCM
CD4 (MT310) Alexa Fluor® 488sc-19641 AF488humanFCM, IF
CD4 (MT310) Alexa Fluor® 647sc-19641 AF647humanFCM, IF
CD4 (MT310) PerCPsc-19641 PerCPhumanFCM
CD4 (MT310) PCPC5sc-19641 PCPC5humanFCM
CD4 (OX68) FITCsc-53042 FITCratFCM
CD4 (OX68) PEsc-53042 PEratFCM
CD4 (OX68) PerCPsc-53042 PerCPratFCM
CD4 (OX68) PCPC5sc-53042 PCPC5ratFCM
CD4 (RM4-5) FITCsc-19643 FITCmouseFCM, IF
CD4 (RM4-5) PEsc-19643 PEmouseFCM
CD4 (RM4-5) PerCPsc-19643 PerCPmouseFCM
CD4 (RM4-5) PCPC5sc-19643 PCPC5mouseFCM
CD5 (53-7.3) FITCsc-18912 FITCmouseFCM, IF
CD5 (53-7.3) PEsc-18912 PEmouseFCM
CD5 (53-7.3) PerCPsc-18912 PerCPmouseFCM
CD5 (53-7.3) PCPC5sc-18912 PCPC5mouseFCM
CD8-α (53-6.7) FITCsc-18913 FITCmouseFCM, IF
CD8-α (53-6.7) PEsc-18913 PEmouseFCM
CD8-α (53-6.7) Alexa Fluor® 488sc-18913 AF488mouseFCM, IF
CD8-α (53-6.7) Alexa Fluor® 647sc-18913 AF647mouseFCM, IF
CD8-α (53-6.7) PerCPsc-18913 PerCPmouseFCM
CD8-α (53-6.7) PCPC5sc-18913 PCPC5mouseFCM
CD10 (CB-Calla) FITCsc-52455 FITChumanFCM, IF
CD10 (CB-Calla) PEsc-52455 PEhumanFCM
CD10 (CB-Calla) Alexa Fluor® 488sc-52455 AF488humanFCM, IF
CD10 (CB-Calla) Alexa Fluor® 647sc-52455 AF647humanFCM, IF
CD10 (CB-Calla) PerCPsc-52455 PerCPhumanFCM
CD10 (CB-Calla) PCPC5sc-52455 PCPC5humanFCM
CD14 (61D3) FITCsc-52457 FITChumanFCM, IF
CD14 (61D3) PEsc-52457 PEhumanFCM, IF
CD14 (61D3) Alexa Fluor® 488sc-52457 AF488humanFCM, IF
CD14 (61D3) Alexa Fluor® 647sc-52457 AF647humanFCM, IF
CD14 (61D3) PerCPsc-52457 PerCPhumanFCM, IF
CD14 (61D3) PCPC5sc-52457 PCPC5humanFCM, IF
CD15 (C3D-1) FITCsc-19648 FITCm, r, hFCM, IF
CD15 (C3D-1) PEsc-19648 PEm, r, hFCM
CD15 (C3D-1) PerCPsc-19648 PerCPm, r, hFCM
CD15 (C3D-1) PCPC5sc-19648 PCPC5m, r, hFCM
CD15 (HI98) FITCsc-19649 FITCm, r, hFCM, IF
CD15 (HI98) PEsc-19649 PEm, r, hFCM
CD15 (TG-1) FITCsc-19595 FITChumanFCM, IF
CD15 (TG-1) PEsc-19595 PEhumanFCM
CD15 (TG-1) PerCPsc-19595 PerCPhumanFCM
CD15 (TG-1) PCPC5sc-19595 PCPC5humanFCM
CD16 (DJ130c) FITCsc-20052 FITChumanFCM, IF
CD16 (DJ130c) PEsc-20052 PEhumanFCM
CD16 (DJ130c) PerCPsc-20052 PerCPhumanFCM
CD16 (DJ130c) PCPC5sc-20052 PCPC5humanFCM
CD19 (HIB19) FITCsc-19650 FITChumanFCM, IF
CD19 (HIB19) PEsc-19650 PEhumanFCM
CD19 (HIB19) PerCPsc-19650 PerCPhumanFCM
CD19 (HIB19) PCPC5sc-19650 PCPC5humanFCM
CD19 (SJ25C1) FITCsc-18896 FITChumanFCM, IF
CD19 (SJ25C1) APCC7sc-18896 APCC7humanFCM
CD20 (B9E9) FITCsc-9984 FITChumanFCM, IF
CD20 (B9E9) PEC5sc-9984 PEC5humanFCM
CD20 (2H7) FITCsc-58981 FITChumanFCM
CD20 (2H7) PerCPsc-58981 PerCPhumanFCM
CD20 (2H7) PCPC5sc-58981 PCPC5humanFCM
CD28 (CD28.2) FITCsc-19655 FITChumanFCM, IF
CD28 (CD28.2) PEsc-19655 PEhumanFCM
CD28 (CD28.2) PerCPsc-19655 PerCPhumanFCM
CD28 (CD28.2) PCPC5sc-19655 PCPC5humanFCM
CD28 (37.51.1) FITCsc-12727 FITCmouseFCM, IF
CD28 (37.51.1) PEsc-12727 PEmouseFCM
CD28 (37.51.1) PerCPsc-12727 PerCPmouseFCM
CD28 (37.51.1) PCPC5sc-12727 PCPC5mouseFCM
CD33 (WM53) FITCsc-51725 FITChumanFCM, IF
CD33 (WM53) PEsc-51725 PEhumanFCM, IF
CD33 (WM53) Alexa Fluor® 488sc-51725 AF488humanFCM, IF
CD33 (WM53) Alexa Fluor® 647sc-51725 AF647humanFCM, IF
CD33 (WM53) PerCPsc-51725 PerCPhumanFCM, IF
CD33 (WM53) PCPC5sc-51725 PCPC5humanFCM, IF
CD34 (BI-3C5) FITCsc-19621 FITChumanFCM, IF
CD34 (BI-3C5) PEsc-19621 PEhumanFCM
CD34 (BI-3C5) PerCPsc-19621 PerCPhumanFCM
CD34 (BI-3C5) PCPC5sc-19621 PCPC5humanFCM
CD34 (ICO115) FITCsc-7324 FITCh, rFCM, IF
CD34 (ICO115) PEsc-7324 PEh, rFCM
CD34 (ICO115) PEC7sc-7324 PEC7h, rFCM
CD34 (ICO115) Alexa Fluor® 488sc-7324 AF488h, rFCM, IF
CD34 (ICO115) Alexa Fluor® 647sc-7324 AF647h, rFCM, IF
CD34 (ICO115) PerCPsc-7324 PerCPh, rFCM
CD34 (ICO115) PCPC5sc-7324 PCPC5h, rFCM
CD34 (MEC 14.7) FITCsc-18917 FITCmouseFCM, IF
CD34 (MEC 14.7) PEsc-18917 PEmouseFCM
CD34 (MEC 14.7) PEC7sc-18917 PEC7mouseFCM
CD34 (MEC 14.7) PerCPsc-18917 PerCPmouseFCM
CD34 (MEC 14.7) PCPC5sc-18917 PCPC5mouseFCM
CD36 (185-1G2) FITCsc-21772 FITChumanFCM, IF
CD36 (185-1G2) PEsc-21772 PEhumanFCM
CD36 (185-1G2) Alexa Fluor® 488sc-21772 AF488humanFCM, IF
CD36 (185-1G2) Alexa Fluor® 647sc-21772 AF647humanFCM, IF
CD36 (185-1G2) PerCPsc-21772 PerCPhumanFCM
CD36 (185-1G2) PCPC5sc-21772 PCPC5humanFCM
CD36 (ME542) FITCsc-13572 FITCmouseFCM, IF
CD36 (ME542) PEsc-13572 PEmouseFCM
CD36 (ME542) PerCPsc-13572 PerCPmouseFCM
CD36 (ME542) PCPC5sc-13572 PCPC5mouseFCM
CD36 (SMf) FITCsc-7309 FITChumanFCM
CD36 (SMf) PEsc-7309 PEhumanFCM
CD36 (SMf) PerCPsc-7309 PerCPhumanFCM
CD36 (SMf) PCPC5sc-7309 PCPC5humanFCM
CD45 (T29/33) FITCsc-18901 FITChumanFCM, IF
CD45 (T29/33) PEC5sc-18901 PEC5humanFCM
CD45R (RA3-6B2) FITCsc-19597 FITCmouseFCM, IF
CD45R (RA3-6B2) PEsc-19597 PEmouseFCM
CD45R (RA3-6B2) APCC7sc-19597 APCC7mouseFCM
CD45R (RA3-6B2) Alexa Fluor® 488sc-19597 AF488mouseFCM, IF
CD45R (RA3-6B2) Alexa Fluor® 647sc-19597 AF647mouseFCM, IF
CD45R (RA3-6B2) PerCPsc-19597 PerCPmouseFCM
CD45R (RA3-6B2) PCPC5sc-19597 PCPC5mouseFCM
CD45RA (HI100) FITCsc-19664 FITChumanFCM, IF
CD45RA (HI100) PEsc-19664 PEhumanFCM
CD45RA (HI100) Alexa Fluor® 488sc-19664 AF488humanFCM, IF
CD45RA (HI100) Alexa Fluor® 647sc-19664 AF647humanFCM, IF
CD45RA (HI100) PerCPsc-19664 PerCPhumanFCM
CD45RA (HI100) PCPC5sc-19664 PCPC5humanFCM
CD45RO (UCH-L1) FITCsc-1183 FITChumanFCM, IF
CD45RO (UCH-L1) APCsc-1183 APChumanFCM
CD68 (KP1) FITCsc-20060 FITChumanFCM, IF
CD68 (KP1) PEsc-20060 PEhumanFCM
CD68 (KP1) PerCPsc-20060 PerCPhumanFCM
CD68 (KP1) PCPC5sc-20060 PCPC5humanFCM
CD69 (FN50) FITCsc-18880 FITCh, primateFCM, IF
CD69 (FN50) PEsc-18880 PEh, primateFCM
CD69 (FN50) Alexa Fluor® 488sc-18880 AF488h, primateFCM, IF
CD69 (FN50) Alexa Fluor® 647sc-18880 AF647h, primateFCM, IF
CD69 (FN50) PerCPsc-18880 PerCPh, primateFCM
CD69 (FN50) PCPC5sc-18880 PCPC5h, primateFCM
ChemR23 (BZ332) FITCsc-33726 FITChumanFCM, IF
ChemR23 (BZ332) PEsc-33726 PEhumanFCM
ChemR23 (BZ332) Alexa Fluor® 488sc-33726 AF488humanFCM, IF
ChemR23 (BZ332) Alexa Fluor® 647sc-33726 AF647humanFCM, IF
ChemR23 (BZ332) PerCPsc-33726 PerCPhumanFCM
ChemR23 (BZ332) PCPC5sc-33726 PCPC5humanFCM
CKR-1 (C-20) FITCsc-6125 FITCm, r, hIC-FCM, IF
CKR-1 (C-20) PEsc-6125 PEm, r, hIC-FCM
CKR-1 (C-20) Alexa Fluor® 488sc-6125 AF488m, r, hIC-FCM, IF
CKR-1 (C-20) Alexa Fluor® 647sc-6125 AF647m, r, hIC-FCM, IF
CKR-1 (C-20) PerCPsc-6125 PerCPm, r, hIC-FCM
CKR-1 (C-20) PCPC5sc-6125 PCPC5m, r, hIC-FCM
CKR-7 (ELC-Fc) FITCsc-23936 FITCm, hIC-FCM, IF
CKR-7 (ELC-Fc) PEsc-23936 PEm, hIC-FCM, IF
CKR-7 (ELC-Fc) Alexa Fluor® 488sc-23936 AF488m, hIC-FCM, IF
CKR-7 (ELC-Fc) Alexa Fluor® 647sc-23936 AF647m, hIC-FCM, IF
CKR-7 (ELC-Fc) PerCPsc-23936 PerCPm, hIC-FCM, IF
CKR-7 (ELC-Fc) PCPC5sc-23936 PCPC5m, hIC-FCM, IF
CLIP (cerCLIP.1) FITCsc-12725 FITCm, hFCM, IF
CLIP (cerCLIP.1) PEsc-12725 PEm, hFCM
CLIP (cerCLIP.1) PerCPsc-12725 PerCPm, hFCM
CLIP (cerCLIP.1) PCPC5sc-12725 PCPC5m, hFCM
Cox-2 (C-20) PEsc-1745 PEm, r, hIC-FCM
cyclin D1 (DCS-6) FITCsc-20044 FITCm, r, hIC-FCM, IF
cyclin D1 (DCS-6) PEsc-20044 PEm, r, hIC-FCM
cyclin D1 (DCS-6) Alexa Fluor® 488sc-20044 AF488m, r, hIC-FCM, IF
cyclin D1 (DCS-6) Alexa Fluor® 647sc-20044 AF647m, r, hIC-FCM, IF
Cytokeratin 18 (RGE53) FITCsc-32329 FITCm, r, hIC-FCM, IF
Cytokeratin 18 (RGE53) PEsc-32329 PEm, r, hIC-FCM
Cytokeratin 19 (RCK108) FITCsc-53003 FITChumanIC-FCM, IF
Cytokeratin 19 (RCK108) PerCPsc-53003 PerCPhumanIC-FCM
Cytokeratin 19 (RCK108) PCPC5sc-53003 PCPC5humanIC-FCM
E-cadherin (67A4) FITCsc-21791 FITChumanFCM, IF
E-cadherin (67A4) PEsc-21791 PEhumanFCM
E-cadherin (67A4) Alexa Fluor® 488sc-21791 AF488humanFCM, IF
E-cadherin (67A4) Alexa Fluor® 647sc-21791 AF647humanFCM, IF
E-cadherin (67A4) PerCPsc-21791 PerCPhumanFCM
E-cadherin (67A4) PCPC5sc-21791 PCPC5humanFCM
EGFR (528) FITCsc-120 FITChumanFCM, IF
EGFR (528) PEsc-120 PEhumanFCM
EGFR (528) Alexa Fluor® 488sc-120 AF488humanFCM, IF
EGFR (528) Alexa Fluor® 647sc-120 AF647humanFCM, IF
EGFR (528) PerCPsc-120 PerCPhumanFCM
EGFR (528) PCPC5sc-120 PCPC5humanFCM
EGFR (R-1) FITCsc-101 FITChumanFCM, IF
EGFR (R-1) PEsc-101 PEhumanFCM
EGFR (R-1) Alexa Fluor® 488sc-101 AF488humanFCM, IF
EGFR (R-1) Alexa Fluor® 647sc-101 AF647humanFCM, IF
EGFR (R-1) PerCPsc-101 PerCPhumanFCM
EGFR (R-1) PCPC5sc-101 PCPC5humanFCM
Ep-CAM (0.N.276) FITCsc-71059 FITChumanFCM, IF
Ep-CAM (0.N.276) PEsc-71059 PEhumanFCM
Ep-CAM (9C4) FITCsc-21792 FITChumanFCM, IF
Ep-CAM (9C4) PEsc-21792 PEhumanFCM
Ep-CAM (9C4) Alexa Fluor® 488sc-21792 AF488humanFCM, IF
Ep-CAM (9C4) Alexa Fluor® 647sc-21792 AF647humanFCM, IF
Ep-CAM (9C4) PerCPsc-21792 PerCPhumanFCM
Ep-CAM (9C4) PCPC5sc-21792 PCPC5humanFCM
Ep-CAM (G8.8) FITCsc-53532 FITCmouseFCM, IF
Ep-CAM (G8.8) PEsc-53532 PEmouseFCM
Ep-CAM (G8.8) Alexa Fluor® 488sc-53532 AF488mouseFCM, IF
Ep-CAM (G8.8) Alexa Fluor® 647sc-53532 AF647mouseFCM, IF
Ep-CAM (G8.8) PerCPsc-53532 PerCPmouseFCM
Ep-CAM (G8.8) PCPC5sc-53532 PCPC5mouseFCM
ErbB-4 (C-18) PEsc-283 PEm, r, hFCM
ErbB-4 (C-7) FITCsc-8050 FITCm, r, hFCM, IF
ErbB-4 (C-7) PEsc-8050 PEm, r, hFCM
FAS-L (NOK-1) FITCsc-19681 FITChumanFCM, IF
FAS-L (NOK-1) PEsc-19681 PEhumanFCM
Fibroblast Marker (ER-TR7) FITCsc-73355 FITCm, hFCM, IF
Fibroblast Marker (ER-TR7) PEsc-73355 PEm, hFCM
Fibroblast Marker (ER-TR7) Alexa Fluor® 488sc-73355 AF488m, hFCM, IF
Fibroblast Marker (ER-TR7) Alexa Fluor® 647sc-73355 AF647m, hFCM, IF
Fibroblast Marker (ER-TR7) PerCPsc-73355 PerCPm, hFCM
Fibroblast Marker (ER-TR7) PCPC5sc-73355 PCPC5m, hFCM
FOXP3 (2A11G9) FITCsc-53876 FITCm, hIC-FCM, IF
FOXP3 (2A11G9) PEsc-53876 PEm, hIC-FCM
FOXP3 (2A11G9) Alexa Fluor® 488sc-53876 AF488m, hIC-FCM, IF
FOXP3 (2A11G9) Alexa Fluor® 647sc-53876 AF647m, hIC-FCM, IF
FOXP3 (2A11G9) PerCPsc-53876 PerCPm, hIC-FCM
FOXP3 (2A11G9) PCPC5sc-53876 PCPC5m, hIC-FCM
FOXP3 (150D/E4) FITCsc-130666 FITCm, hIC-FCM, IF
FOXP3 (150D/E4) PEsc-130666 PEm, hIC-FCM
FOXP3 (150D/E4) Alexa Fluor® 488sc-130666 AF488m, hIC-FCM, IF
FOXP3 (150D/E4) Alexa Fluor® 647sc-130666 AF647m, hIC-FCM, IF
FOXP3 (150D/E4) PerCPsc-130666 PerCPm, hIC-FCM
FOXP3 (150D/E4) PCPC5sc-130666 PCPC5m, hIC-FCM
fusin (12G5) FITCsc-12764 FITChumanFCM, IF
fusin (12G5) PEsc-12764 PEhumanFCM
GFAP (N-18) PEsc-6171 PEm, r, hIC-FCM
GFAP (N-18) Alexa Fluor® 488sc-6171 AF488m, r, hIC-FCM, IF
GFAP (N-18) Alexa Fluor® 647sc-6171 AF647m, r, hIC-FCM, IF
GFAP (N-18) PerCPsc-6171 PerCPm, r, hIC-FCM
GFAP (N-18) PCPC5sc-6171 PCPC5m, r, hIC-FCM
GFP (B-2) PEsc-9996 PEN/AIC-FCM
GFP (B-2) Alexa Fluor® 488sc-9996 AF488N/AIC-FCM, IF
GFP (B-2) Alexa Fluor® 647sc-9996 AF647N/AIC-FCM, IF
GFP (B-2) PerCPsc-9996 PerCPN/AIC-FCM
granzyme A (3G8.5) FITCsc-33692 FITCmouseIC-FCM, IF
granzyme A (3G8.5) PEsc-33692 PEmouseIC-FCM
granzyme A (3G8.5) PerCPsc-33692 PerCPmouseIC-FCM
granzyme A (3G8.5) PCPC5sc-33692 PCPC5mouseIC-FCM
HA-probe (153) FITCsc-53516 FITCN/AIC-FCM, IF
HA-probe (153) PEsc-53516 PEN/AIC-FCM
HA-probe (F-7) FITCsc-7392 FITCN/AIC-FCM, IF
HA-probe (F-7) PEsc-7392 PEN/AIC-FCM
HA-probe (F-7) Alexa Fluor® 488sc-7392 AF488N/AIC-FCM, IF
HA-probe (F-7) Alexa Fluor® 647sc-7392 AF647N/AIC-FCM, IF
HA-probe (F-7) PerCPsc-7392 PerCPN/AIC-FCM
HA-probe (F-7) PCPC5sc-7392 PCPC5N/AIC-FCM
HA-probe (Y-11) PEsc-805 PEN/AIC-FCM
HA-probe (Y-11) Alexa Fluor® 488sc-805 AF488N/AIC-FCM, IF
HA-probe (Y-11) Alexa Fluor® 647sc-805 AF647N/AIC-FCM, IF
HA-probe (Y-11) PerCPsc-805 PerCPN/AIC-FCM
HA-probe (Y-11) PCPC5sc-805 PCPC5N/AIC-FCM
HCAM (F-4) FITCsc-9960 FITCm, r, hFCM, IF
HCAM (F-4) PEsc-9960 PEm, r, hFCM
HCAM (F-4) PerCPsc-9960 PerCPm, r, hFCM
HCAM (F-4) PCPC5sc-9960 PCPC5m, r, hFCM
HCAM (IM7) FITCsc-18849 FITCm, h, dog, cat, horseFCM, IF
HCAM (IM7) PEsc-18849 PEm, h, dog, cat, horseFCM
HCAM (IM7) Alexa Fluor® 488sc-18849 AF488m, h, dog, cat, horseFCM, IF
HCAM (IM7) Alexa Fluor® 647sc-18849 AF647m, h, dog, cat, horseFCM, IF
HCAM (IM7) PerCPsc-18849 PerCPm, h, dog, cat, horseFCM
HCAM (IM7) PCPC5sc-18849 PCPC5m, h, dog, cat, horseFCM
HCAM (DF1485) FITCsc-7297 FITCm, hFCM, IF
HCAM (DF1485) APCsc-7297 APCm, hFCM
Hemoglobin β (37-8) FITCsc-21757 FITChumanIC-FCM, IF
Hemoglobin β (37-8) PEsc-21757 PEhumanIC-FCM
Hemoglobin β (37-8) PerCPsc-21757 PerCPhumanIC-FCM
Hemoglobin β (37-8) PCPC5sc-21757 PCPC5humanIC-FCM
His-probe (H-15) Alexa Fluor® 488sc-803 AF488N/AIC-FCM, IF
His-probe (H-15) Alexa Fluor® 647sc-803 AF647N/AIC-FCM, IF
His-probe (H-15) PerCPsc-803 PerCPN/AIC-FCM
His-probe (H-15) PCPC5sc-803 PCPC5N/AIC-FCM
HLA-DR (L243) FITCsc-18875 FITChumanFCM, IF
HLA-DR (L243) APCsc-18875 APChumanFCM
HSP 70 (W27) FITCsc-24 FITCm, r, hIC-FCM, IF
HSP 70 (W27) PEsc-24 PEm, r, hIC-FCM
ICAM-1 (15.2) FITCsc-107 FITChumanFCM, IF
ICAM-1 (15.2) PEsc-107 PEhumanFCM
ICAM-1 (15.2) Alexa Fluor® 488sc-107 AF488humanFCM, IF
ICAM-1 (15.2) Alexa Fluor® 647sc-107 AF647humanFCM, IF
ICAM-1 (15.2) PerCPsc-107 PerCPhumanFCM
ICAM-1 (15.2) PCPC5sc-107 PCPC5humanFCM
IGF-IR (3B7) FITCsc-462 FITChumanFCM, IF
IGF-IR (3B7) PEsc-462 PEhumanFCM
IGF-IRα (1H7) FITCsc-461 FITChumanFCM
IGF-IRα (1H7) PEsc-461 PEhumanFCM
IL-2Rα (BC96) FITCsc-19628 FITChumanFCM
IL-2Rα (BC96) PEsc-19628 PEhumanFCM
IL-2Rα (BC96) Alexa Fluor® 488sc-19628 AF488humanFCM, IF
IL-2Rα (BC96) Alexa Fluor® 647sc-19628 AF647humanFCM, IF
IL-2Rα (BC96) PerCPsc-19628 PerCPhumanFCM
IL-2Rα (BC96) PCPC5sc-19628 PCPC5humanFCM
Integrin α4/β7 (DATK32) FITCsc-23920 FITCmouseFCM, IF
Integrin α4/β7 (DATK32) PEsc-23920 PEmouseFCM
Integrin αM (CBRM1/5) PerCPsc-23934 PerCPhumanFCM
Integrin αM (CBRM1/5) PCPC5sc-23934 PCPC5humanFCM
Integrin αX (3.9) FITCsc-1185 FITChumanFCM, IF
Integrin αX (3.9) PEsc-1185 PEhumanFCM
Integrin αX (3.9) Alexa Fluor® 488sc-1185 AF488humanFCM, IF
Integrin αX (3.9) Alexa Fluor® 647sc-1185 AF647humanFCM, IF
Integrin αX (3.9) PerCPsc-1185 PerCPhumanFCM
Integrin αX (3.9) PCPC5sc-1185 PCPC5humanFCM
Integrin β7 (FIB504) FITCsc-23919 FITCm, hFCM, IF
Ki-67 (Ki-67) FITCsc-23900 FITChumanIC-FCM, IF
Ki-67 (Ki-67) PEsc-23900 PEhumanIC-FCM
Ki-67 (Ki-67) PerCPsc-23900 PerCPhumanIC-FCM
Ki-67 (Ki-67) PCPC5sc-23900 PCPC5humanIC-FCM
Ki-67 (M-19) PEsc-7846 PEm, rIC-FCM
Ki-67 (M-19) Alexa Fluor® 488sc-7846 AF488m, rIC-FCM, IF
Ki-67 (M-19) Alexa Fluor® 647sc-7846 AF647m, rIC-FCM, IF
Ki-67 (M-19) PerCPsc-7846 PerCPm, rIC-FCM
Ki-67 (M-19) PCPC5sc-7846 PCPC5m, rIC-FCM
L-Selectin (DREG56) FITCsc-18851 FITChumanFCM, IF
L-Selectin (DREG56) PEsc-18851 PEhumanFCM
L-Selectin (DREG56) Alexa Fluor® 488sc-18851 AF488humanFCM, IF
L-Selectin (DREG56) Alexa Fluor® 647sc-18851 AF647humanFCM, IF
L-Selectin (DREG56) PerCPsc-18851 PerCPhumanFCM
L-Selectin (DREG56) PCPC5sc-18851 PCPC5humanFCM
LAMP-1 (H4A3) FITCsc-20011 FITChumanFCM, IF
LAMP-1 (H4A3) PEsc-20011 PEhumanFCM
LAMP-1 (H4A3) Alexa Fluor® 488sc-20011 AF488humanFCM, IF
LAMP-1 (H4A3) Alexa Fluor® 647sc-20011 AF647humanFCM, IF
LAMP-1 (H4A3) PerCPsc-20011 PerCPhumanFCM
LAMP-1 (H4A3) PCPC5sc-20011 PCPC5humanFCM
LAMP-1 (H5G11) FITCsc-18821 FITChumanFCM, IF
LAMP-1 (H5G11) PEsc-18821 PEhumanFCM
LAMP-1 (H5G11) Alexa Fluor® 488sc-18821 AF488humanFCM, IF
LAMP-1 (H5G11) Alexa Fluor® 647sc-18821 AF647humanFCM, IF
Lck (3A5) FITCsc-433 FITCm, r, hIC-FCM, IF
Lck (3A5) PEsc-433 PEm, r, hIC-FCM
Lck (3A5) PerCPsc-433 PerCPm, r, hIC-FCM
Lck (3A5) PCPC5sc-433 PCPC5m, r, hIC-FCM
M13 Major Coat Protein (RL-ph1) FITCsc-53004 FITCviralFCM, IF
M13 Major Coat Protein (RL-ph1) PEsc-53004 PEviralFCM
M13 Major Coat Protein (RL-ph1) PerCPsc-53004 PerCPviralFCM
M13 Major Coat Protein (RL-ph1) PCPC5sc-53004 PCPC5viralFCM
M13 Major Coat Protein (RL-ph2) FITCsc-53005 FITCviralFCM, IF
M13 Major Coat Protein (RL-ph2) PEsc-53005 PEviralFCM
Melan-A (A103) FITCsc-20032 FITCm, r, hIC-FCM, IF
Melan-A (A103) PEsc-20032 PEm, r, hIC-FCM
Mesothelin (K1) FITCsc-33672 FITCm, hFCM, IF
Mesothelin (K1) PEsc-33672 PEm, hFCM
MHC class I (W6/32) FITCsc-32235 FITChumanFCM
MHC class I (W6/32) PEsc-32235 PEhumanFCM
MHC class I (W6/32) Alexa Fluor® 488sc-32235 AF488humanFCM, IF
MHC class I (W6/32) Alexa Fluor® 647sc-32235 AF647humanFCM, IF
MHC class I (W6/32) PerCPsc-32235 PerCPhumanFCM
MHC class I (W6/32) PCPC5sc-32235 PCPC5humanFCM
nestin (Rat-401) FITCsc-33677 FITCm, rIC-FCM, IF
nestin (Rat-401) PEsc-33677 PEm, rIC-FCM
nestin (Rat-401) PerCPsc-33677 PerCPm, rIC-FCM
nestin (Rat-401) PCPC5sc-33677 PCPC5m, rIC-FCM
Neu (24D2) FITCsc-23864 FITChumanFCM, IF
Neu (24D2) PEsc-23864 PEhumanFCM
Neu (24D2) PerCPsc-23864 PerCPhumanFCM
Neu (24D2) PCPC5sc-23864 PCPC5humanFCM
NFκB p65 (F-6) FITCsc-8008 FITCm, r, hIC-FCM, IF
NFκB p65 (F-6) PEsc-8008 PEm, r, hIC-FCM
NFκB p65 (F-6) Alexa Fluor® 488sc-8008 AF488m, r, hIC-FCM, IF
NFκB p65 (F-6) Alexa Fluor® 647sc-8008 AF647m, r, hIC-FCM, IF
NFκB p65 (F-6) PerCPsc-8008 PerCPm, r, hIC-FCM
NFκB p65 (F-6) PCPC5sc-8008 PCPC5m, r, hIC-FCM
NFATc1 (7A6) FITCsc-7294 FITCm, hIC-FCM, IF
NFATc1 (7A6) PEsc-7294 PEm, hIC-FCM
NFATc1 (7A6) Alexa Fluor® 488sc-7294 AF488m, hIC-FCM, IF
NFATc1 (7A6) Alexa Fluor® 647sc-7294 AF647m, hIC-FCM, IF
NFATc1 (7A6) PerCPsc-7294 PerCPm, hIC-FCM
NFATc1 (7A6) PCPC5sc-7294 PCPC5m, hIC-FCM
NKG2-D (1D11) FITCsc-23869 FITChumanFCM
NKG2-D (1D11) PEsc-23869 PEhumanFCM
NKG2-D (1D11) Alexa Fluor® 488sc-23869 AF488humanFCM, IF
NKG2-D (1D11) Alexa Fluor® 647sc-23869 AF647humanFCM, IF
NKG2-D (1D11) PerCPsc-23869 PerCPhumanFCM
NKG2-D (1D11) PCPC5sc-23869 PCPC5humanFCM
NOS2 (N-20) PEsc-651 PEm, r, hIC-FCM
NOS2 (N-20) PerCPsc-651 PerCPm, r, hIC-FCM
NOS2 (N-20) PCPC5sc-651 PCPC5m, r, hIC-FCM
p-c-Jun (KM-1) FITCsc-822 FITCm, r, hIC-FCM, IF
p-c-Jun (KM-1) PEsc-822 PEm, r, hIC-FCM
p-c-Jun (KM-1) Alexa Fluor® 488sc-822 AF488m, r, hIC-FCM, IF
p-c-Jun (KM-1) Alexa Fluor® 647sc-822 AF647m, r, hIC-FCM, IF
p-c-Jun (KM-1) PerCPsc-822 PerCPm, r, hIC-FCM
p-c-Jun (KM-1) PCPC5sc-822 PCPC5m, r, hIC-FCM
p-ERK (E-4) FITCsc-7383 FITCm, r, hIC-FCM, IF
p-ERK (E-4) PEsc-7383 PEm, r, hIC-FCM
p-ERK (E-4) Alexa Fluor® 488sc-7383 AF488m, r, hIC-FCM, IF
p-ERK (E-4) Alexa Fluor® 647sc-7383 AF647m, r, hIC-FCM, IF
p-ERK (E-4) PerCPsc-7383 PerCPm, r, hIC-FCM
p-ERK (E-4) PCPC5sc-7383 PCPC5m, r, hIC-FCM
P-Selectin (1E 3) FITCsc-19672 FITChumanFCM, IF
P-Selectin (1E 3) PEsc-19672 PEhumanFCM
P-Selectin (CTB201) FITCsc-8419 FITCm, r, hFCM, IF
P-Selectin (CTB201) PEsc-8419 PEm, r, hFCM
P-Selectin (CTB201) PerCPsc-8419 PerCPm, r, hFCM
P-Selectin (CTB201) PCPC5sc-8419 PCPC5m, r, hFCM
p-Stat1 (A-2) FITCsc-8394 FITCm, r, hIC-FCM, IF
p-Stat1 (A-2) PEsc-8394 PEm, r, hIC-FCM
p-Stat1 (A-2) PerCPsc-8394 PerCPm, r, hIC-FCM
p-Stat1 (A-2) PCPC5sc-8394 PCPC5m, r, hIC-FCM
p-Stat3 (B-7) PEsc-8059 PEm, r, hIC-FCM
p-Stat3 (B-7) PerCPsc-8059 PerCPm, r, hIC-FCM
p-Stat3 (B-7) PCPC5sc-8059 PCPC5m, r, hIC-FCM
p-Tyr (PY99) FITCsc-7020 FITCN/AIC-FCM, IF
p-Tyr (PY99) PEsc-7020 PEN/AIC-FCM
p-Tyr (PY99) Alexa Fluor® 488sc-7020 AF488N/AIC-FCM, IF
p-Tyr (PY99) Alexa Fluor® 647sc-7020 AF647N/AIC-FCM, IF
p21 (F-5) FITCsc-6246 FITCm, r, hIC-FCM, IF
p21 (F-5) PEsc-6246 PEm, r, hIC-FCM
p21 (F-5) Alexa Fluor® 488sc-6246 AF488m, r, hIC-FCM, IF
p21 (F-5) Alexa Fluor® 647sc-6246 AF647m, r, hIC-FCM, IF
p27 (F-8) FITCsc-1641 FITCm, r, hIC-FCM, IF
p27 (F-8) PEsc-1641 PEm, r, hIC-FCM
p27 (F-8) Alexa Fluor® 488sc-1641 AF488m, r, hIC-FCM, IF
p27 (F-8) Alexa Fluor® 647sc-1641 AF647m, r, hIC-FCM, IF
p38 (A-12) FITCsc-7972 FITCm, r, hIC-FCM, IF
p38 (A-12) Alexa Fluor® 488sc-7972 AF488m, r, hIC-FCM, IF
p38 (A-12) Alexa Fluor® 647sc-7972 AF647m, r, hIC-FCM, IF
p53 (DO-1) FITCsc-126 FITCm, hIC-FCM, IF
p53 (DO-1) PEsc-126 PEm, hIC-FCM
p53 (DO-1) Alexa Fluor® 488sc-126 AF488m, hIC-FCM, IF
p53 (DO-1) Alexa Fluor® 647sc-126 AF647m, hIC-FCM, IF
p53 (DO-1) PerCPsc-126 PerCPm, hIC-FCM
p53 (DO-1) PCPC5sc-126 PCPC5m, hIC-FCM
p63 (4A4) FITCsc-8431 FITCm, r, hIC-FCM, IF
p63 (4A4) PEsc-8431 PEm, r, hIC-FCM
p63 (4A4) Alexa Fluor® 488sc-8431 AF488m, r, hIC-FCM, IF
p63 (4A4) Alexa Fluor® 647sc-8431 AF647m, r, hIC-FCM, IF
p63 (4A4) PerCPsc-8431 PerCPm, r, hIC-FCM
p63 (4A4) PCPC5sc-8431 PCPC5m, r, hIC-FCM
PAR-2 (SAM11) FITCsc-13504 FITCm, r, hFCM, IF
PAR-2 (SAM11) PEsc-13504 PEm, r, hFCM
PAR-2 (SAM11) Alexa Fluor® 488sc-13504 AF488m, r, hFCM, IF
PAR-2 (SAM11) Alexa Fluor® 647sc-13504 AF647m, r, hFCM, IF
PCNA (PC10) FITCsc-56 FITCm, r, h, insect, S. pombeIC-FCM, IF
PCNA (PC10) PEsc-56 PEm, r, h, insect, S. pombeIC-FCM
PCNA (PC10) Alexa Fluor® 488sc-56 AF488m, r, h, insect, S. pombeIC-FCM, IF
PCNA (PC10) Alexa Fluor® 647sc-56 AF647m, r, h, insect, S. pombeIC-FCM, IF
PCNA (PC10) PerCPsc-56 PerCPm, r, h, insect, S. pombeIC-FCM
PCNA (PC10) PCPC5sc-56 PCPC5m, r, h, insect, S. pombeIC-FCM
PDGFR-β (958) FITCsc-432 FITCm, r, hFCM, IF
PDGFR-β (958) PEsc-432 PEm, r, hFCM
PECAM-1 (WM-59) FITCsc-18892 FITChumanFCM, IF
PECAM-1 (WM-59) PEsc-18892 PEhumanFCM
PECAM-1 (WM-59) PerCPsc-18892 PerCPhumanFCM
PECAM-1 (WM-59) PCPC5sc-18892 PCPC5humanFCM
PPARγ (E-8) FITCsc-7273 FITCm, r, hIC-FCM, IF
PPARγ (E-8) Alexa Fluor® 488sc-7273 AF488m, r, hIC-FCM, IF
PPARγ (E-8) Alexa Fluor® 647sc-7273 AF647m, r, hIC-FCM, IF
Raf-1 (E-10) FITCsc-7267 FITCm, r, hIC-FCM, IF
Raf-1 (E-10) PEsc-7267 PEm, r, hIC-FCM
Rho A (26C4) FITCsc-418 FITCm, r, hIC-FCM, IF
Rho A (26C4) PEsc-418 PEm, r, hIC-FCM
Rho A (26C4) Alexa Fluor® 488sc-418 AF488m, r, hIC-FCM, IF
Rho A (26C4) Alexa Fluor® 647sc-418 AF647m, r, hIC-FCM, IF
SSEA-1 (480) FITCsc-21702 FITCm, r, hFCM, IF
SSEA-1 (480) PEsc-21702 PEm, r, hFCM
SSEA-1 (480) Alexa Fluor® 488sc-21702 AF488m, r, hFCM, IF
SSEA-1 (480) Alexa Fluor® 647sc-21702 AF647m, r, hFCM, IF
SSEA-1 (480) PerCPsc-21702 PerCPm, r, hFCM
SSEA-1 (480) PCPC5sc-21702 PCPC5m, r, hFCM
STRO-1 (STRO-1) FITCsc-47733 FITChumanFCM, IF
STRO-1 (STRO-1) PEsc-47733 PEhumanFCM
STRO-1 (STRO-1) PerCPsc-47733 PerCPhumanFCM
STRO-1 (STRO-1) PCPC5sc-47733 PCPC5humanFCM
Syk (4D10) FITCsc-1240 FITChumanIC-FCM, IF
Syk (4D10) PEsc-1240 PEhumanIC-FCM
Syk (LR) PEsc-573 PEm, r, hIC-FCM
Syk (N-19) PEsc-1077 PEm, r, hIC-FCM
Syndecan-4 (5G9) FITCsc-12766 FITChumanFCM, IF
Syndecan-4 (5G9) PEsc-12766 PEhumanFCM
T-bet (4B10) FITCsc-21749 FITCm, hIC-FCM, IF
T-bet (4B10) PEsc-21749 PEm, hIC-FCM
T-bet (4B10) Alexa Fluor® 405sc-21749 AF405m, hIC-FCM, IF
T-bet (4B10) Alexa Fluor® 488sc-21749 AF488m, hIC-FCM, IF
T-bet (4B10) Alexa Fluor® 647sc-21749 AF647m, hIC-FCM, IF
T-bet (4B10) PerCPsc-21749 PerCPm, hIC-FCM
T-bet (4B10) PCPC5sc-21749 PCPC5m, hIC-FCM
TLR2 (TL2.1) FITCsc-21759 FITChumanFCM, IF
TLR2 (TL2.1) PEsc-21759 PEhumanFCM
TLR2 (TL2.1) PerCPsc-21759 PerCPhumanFCM
TLR2 (TL2.1) PCPC5sc-21759 PCPC5humanFCM
TLR4 (HTA125) FITCsc-13593 FITChumanFCM, IF
TLR4 (HTA125) PEsc-13593 PEhumanFCM
TLR4 (HTA125) Alexa Fluor® 488sc-13593 AF488humanFCM, IF
TLR4 (HTA125) Alexa Fluor® 647sc-13593 AF647humanFCM, IF
TLR4 (HTA125) PerCPsc-13593 PerCPhumanFCM
TLR4 (HTA125) PCPC5sc-13593 PCPC5humanFCM
TLR4 (MTS510) FITCsc-13591 FITCmouseFCM, IF
TLR4 (MTS510) PEsc-13591 PEmouseFCM
TLR4 (MTS510) PerCPsc-13591 PerCPmouseFCM
TLR4 (MTS510) PCPC5sc-13591 PCPC5mouseFCM
Ub (P4D1) FITCsc-8017 FITCm, r, hIC-FCM, IF
Ub (P4D1) Alexa Fluor® 488sc-8017 AF488m, r, hIC-FCM, IF
Ub (P4D1) Alexa Fluor® 647sc-8017 AF647m, r, hIC-FCM, IF
VCAM-1 (1G11) FITCsc-18854 FITChumanFCM, IF
VCAM-1 (1G11) PEsc-18854 PEhumanFCM
VCAM-1 (E-10) FITCsc-13160 FITChumanFCM, IF
VCAM-1 (E-10) PEsc-13160 PEhumanFCM
VCAM-1 (E-10) Alexa Fluor® 405sc-13160 AF405humanFCM, IF
VCAM-1 (E-10) Alexa Fluor® 488sc-13160 AF488humanFCM, IF
VCAM-1 (E-10) Alexa Fluor® 647sc-13160 AF647humanFCM, IF
VCAM-1 (E-10) PerCPsc-13160 PerCPhumanFCM
VCAM-1 (E-10) PCPC5sc-13160 PCPC5humanFCM
VE-cadherin (C-19) FITCsc-6458 FITCm, r, hFCM, IF
VE-cadherin (C-19) PEsc-6458 PEm, r, hFCM
VE-cadherin (C-19) PerCPsc-6458 PerCPm, r, hFCM
VE-cadherin (C-19) PCPC5sc-6458 PCPC5m, r, hFCM
VE-cadherin (F-8) FITCsc-9989 FITCm, r, hFCM, IF
VE-cadherin (F-8) PEsc-9989 PEm, r, hFCM
VE-cadherin (F-8) PerCPsc-9989 PerCPm, r, hFCM
VE-cadherin (F-8) PCPC5sc-9989 PCPC5m, r, hFCM
Vimentin (RV202) FITCsc-32322 FITCm, r, h, cowIC-FCM, IF
Vimentin (RV202) PEsc-32322 PEm, r, h, cowIC-FCM
Vimentin (RV202) PerCPsc-32322 PerCPm, r, h, cowIC-FCM
Vimentin (RV202) PCPC5sc-32322 PCPC5m, r, h, cowIC-FCM
Vimentin (S-20) FITCsc-7558 FITCm, r, hIC-FCM, IF
Vimentin (S-20) PEsc-7558 PEm, r, hIC-FCM
Vimentin (S-20) Alexa Fluor® 488sc-7558 AF488m, r, hIC-FCM, IF
Vimentin (S-20) Alexa Fluor® 647sc-7558 AF647m, r, hIC-FCM, IF
Vimentin (S-20) PerCPsc-7558 PerCPm, r, hIC-FCM
Vimentin (S-20) PCPC5sc-7558 PCPC5m, r, hIC-FCM
Vimentin (V9) FITCsc-6260 FITCh, r, pigIC-FCM, IF
Vimentin (V9) PEsc-6260 PEh, r, pigIC-FCM
Vimentin (V9) Alexa Fluor® 488sc-6260 AF488h, r, pigIC-FCM, IF
Vimentin (V9) Alexa Fluor® 647sc-6260 AF647h, r, pigIC-FCM, IF
Vimentin (V9) PerCPsc-6260 PerCPh, r, pigIC-FCM
Vimentin (V9) PCPC5sc-6260 PCPC5h, r, pigIC-FCM
WASP (B-9) FITCsc-13139 FITCm, r, h, minkIC-FCM, IF
WASP (B-9) PEsc-13139 PEm, r, h, minkIC-FCM
WASP (B-9) Alexa Fluor® 488sc-13139 AF488m, r, h, minkIC-FCM, IF
WASP (B-9) Alexa Fluor® 647sc-13139 AF647m, r, h, minkIC-FCM, IF
WASP (B-9) PerCPsc-13139 PerCPm, r, h, minkIC-FCM
WASP (B-9) PCPC5sc-13139 PCPC5m, r, h, minkIC-FCM

Secondary Antibodies for Flow Cytometry and Immunofluorescence

goat anti-mouse IgG1sc-2078sc-3764sc-45092sc-45103
goat anti-mouse IgG2asc-2079sc-3765sc-45093sc-45104
goat anti-mouse IgMsc-2082sc-3768sc-45094sc-45105
goat anti-rabbit IgGsc-2012sc-3739sc-45090sc-45101
donkey anti-rabbit IgGsc-2090sc-3745sc-45095sc-45106
mouse anti-rabbit IgGsc-2359sc-3753sc-45098sc-45109
bovine anti-rabbit IgGsc-2365sc-3750sc-45099sc-45110
donkey anti-goat IgGsc-2024sc-3743sc-45091sc-45102
bovine anti-goat IgGsc-2348sc-3747sc-45096sc-45107
mouse anti-goat IgGsc-53800sc-53803sc-45097sc-45108
goat anti-rat IgGsc-2011sc-3740sc-45089sc-45100

Secondary antibodies for flow cytometry are supplied at 200 µg in 0.5 ml.

Intracellular FCM Reagents

FCM Lysing solutionsc-3621100 tests
FCM Fixation buffersc-3622100 tests
FCM Permeabilization buffersc-3623100 tests
FCM Wash buffersc-3624100 tests
Intracellular FCM Systemsc-45063100 tests

The above lysing solution and support buffers have been optimized for Intracellular FCM studies using fluorochrome conjugated monoclonal and polyclonal purified antibodies developed by Santa Cruz Biotechnology. The Intracellular FCM System includes one bottle of each of the following reagents: FCM Lysing solution, FCM Fixation buffer, FCM Permeabilization buffer and FCM Wash buffer.

Control Immunoglobulins and Conjugates for Flow Cytometry

normal mouse IgG1sc-3877sc-2855sc-2866sc-2877sc-2888sc-3770sc-3781sc-45111sc-45123
normal mouse IgG2asc-3878sc-2856sc-2867sc-2878sc-2889sc-3771sc-3782sc-45112sc-45124
normal mouse IgG2bsc-3879sc-2857sc-2868sc-2879sc-2890sc-3772sc-3783sc-45113sc-45125
normal mouse IgG3sc-3880sc-2858sc-2869sc-2880sc-2891sc-3773sc-3784sc-45114sc-45126
normal mouse IgMsc-3881sc-2859sc-2870sc-2881sc-2892sc-3774sc-3785sc-45115sc-45127
normal rat IgG1sc-3882sc-2827sc-2871sc-2882sc-2893 sc-3775sc-3786sc-45116sc-45128
normal rat IgG2asc-3883sc-2831sc-2872sc-2883sc-2894sc-3776sc-3787sc-45117sc-45129
normal rat IgG2bsc-3884sc-2835sc-2873sc-2884sc-2895sc-3777sc-3788sc-45118sc-45130
normal rat IgMsc-3885sc-2839sc-2874sc-2885sc-2896sc-3778sc-3789sc-45119sc-45131
normal Arm. hamster IgGsc-3886sc-2864sc-2875sc-2886sc-2897sc-3779sc-3790sc-45120sc-45132
normal goat IgGsc-3887sc-3988sc-3992sc-3866sc-3867sc-3868sc-3869sc-45121sc-45133
normal rabbit IgGsc-3888sc-3870sc-3871sc-3872sc-3873sc-3874sc-3875sc-45122sc-45134

Affinity purified normal immunoglobulins and immunoglobulin conjugates for Flow Cytometry are provided for 100 tests for use as negative controls.