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MYL3 Antibody (MLM544): sc-58805

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  • MYL3 Antibody (MLM544) is a mouse monoclonal IgG2b provided at 100 µg/ml
  • raised against myosin light chain 3 of human origin
  • recommended for detection of the ventricular myosin light chain 3 of h and r origin by WB and IP; also reactive with additional species, including bovine and porcine

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MYL3 Antibody (MLM544) sc-58805 100 µg/ml $279
 CRISPR/Cas9 KO and HDR Plasmids (click product name for more information)
Product NameCatalog #UnitPriceQtyAddFavorites
MYL3 CRISPR/Cas9 KO Plasmid (m) sc-421787 20 µg $345
MYL3 HDR Plasmid (m) sc-421787-HDR 20 µg $385
MYL3 CRISPR/Cas9 KO Plasmid (h) sc-403198 20 µg $345
MYL3 HDR Plasmid (h) sc-403198-HDR 20 µg $385
 siRNA Gene Silencers (click product name for more information)
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MYL3 siRNA (h) sc-44542 10 µM $258
MYL3 (h)-PR sc-44542-PR 10 µM, 20 µl $23
 shRNA Plasmids (click product name for more information)
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MYL3 shRNA Plasmid (h) sc-44542-SH 20 µg $520
 shRNA Lentiviral Particles (click product name for more information)
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MYL3 shRNA (h) Lentiviral Particles sc-44542-V 200 µl $625
 WB Positive Control Cell Lysate (click product name for more information)
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rat heart extract sc-2393 500 µg/200 µl $104
Species Gene Name Gene ID Chromosome Location Isoform (mRNA) Accession # Protein Accession # OMIM™ Number
Human MYL3 4634 3p21.31 NM_000258 P08590

Myosin, the major component of thick muscle filaments, is a long asymmetric molecule containing a globular head and a long tail. Activation of smooth and cardiac/ventricular muscle primarily involves pathways which increase calcium and myosin phosphorylation, resulting in contraction. Myosin in vertebrate striated muscle is composed of two heavy chains and four light chains. There are two distinct types of light chains: the phosphorylatable, regulatory or MLC2 type; and the nonphosphorylatable, alkali or MLC1 and MLC3 types. Myosin light chain phosphatase acts to regulate muscle contraction by de-phosphorylating activated myosin light chain. The role of myosin alkali light chains in vertebrate skeletal muscle is poorly understood, although alkali light chains in smooth muscle may be involved with the active site of myosin. Several isoforms of myosin alkali light chains have been identified, encoded by a family of myosin light chain genes. Each is associated with different muscle types. Human myosin light chain can be used as a cardiac marker. Myosin light chain 3, encoded by MYL3, is an alkali light chain also referred to as both the ventricular isoform (MLC1v) and slow skeletal muscle isoform. Myosin light chain 3 proteins in human and mouse share 91% sequence identity overall.

MYL3 Antibody (MLM544) Data
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MYL3 (MLM544): sc-58805. Western blot analysis of MYL3 expression in rat skeletal muscle (A), mouse heart (B) and rat heart (C) tissue extracts.