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Ruthenium(III) chloride (CAS 10049-08-8)

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Synonym:Ruthenium(III) chloride; Trichlororuthenium
Application:A useful catalyst
CAS Number:10049-08-8
Molecular Weight:207.43
Molecular Formula:RuCl3
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Ruthenium(III) chloride hydrate is used as a catalyst in the dehydrogenation of arylmethyl alcohols to corresponding aldehydes. In addition, studies indicate that Ruthenium(III) chloride hydrate catalyzes the synthesis of 2-ethyl-3-methylquinolines from primary aromatic amines and triallylamine. This molecule is especially valuable in chemical reaction due to its stability in adjacent oxidation states. Furthermore, Ruthenium(III) chloride hydrate can act as a catalyst in acylation reactions for a variety of alcohols, phenols, and thiols at room temperature. Also Ruthenium(III) chloride is used as a catalyst in oxidation reactions containing organic reagents such as pyrenes.
Technical Information
Appearance:Powder or crystalline
Physical State:Solid
Storage:Store at room temperature
Safety and Reference Information
Transport:UN 3260, Class 8, Packing group II
PubChem CID:61850
MDL Number:MFCD00149844
EC Number:233-167-5
For Research Use Only. Not Intended for Diagnostic or Therapeutic Use.
1. Hu, J., et al. 2005. J. Org. Chem. 70: 707-708. PMID: 15651825
2. Xi, Z., et al. 2009. Molecules. 14: 3528-3537. PMID: 19783941
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