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RIPA Lysis Buffer System

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Application:A high quality, ready to use mammalian cell and tissue lysis buffer with protease inhibitors included
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RIPA Lysis Buffer System sc-24948 50 ml $29
RIPA Lysis Buffer System sc-24948A 500 ml $169
RIPA (Radioimmunoprecipitation) Lysis Buffer is used to lyse cells and tissue, for radio immunoprecipitation assay (RIPA). RIPA lysis buffer has stronger denaturing capabilities than NP-40 (sc-281108) or Triton X-100 (sc-29112) and is particularly useful for disruption of nuclear membranes in the preparation of nuclear extracts.

This high quality product includes protease inhibitors, making it ready for use in mammalian cell and tissue lysis.

sc-24948, 50 mL - Components supplied in four vials:
VIAL 1: 50 mL 1X lysis buffer (pH 7.4 ±0.1)
VIAL 2: 500 μL (200mM) PMSF in DMSO
VIAL 3: 500 μL protease inhibitor cocktail in DMSO
VIAL 4: 500 μL (100mM) sodium orthovanadate in water

sc-24948A, 500 mL - Components supplied in four vials:
VIAL 1: 500 mL 1X lysis buffer
VIAL 2: 5 ml (200mM) PMSF in DMSO
VIAL 3: 5 ml protease inhibitor cocktail in DMSO
VIAL 4: 5 ml (100mM) sodium orthovanadate in water
• Immediately prior to lysing cells, combine 10 μl PMSF solution, 10 μl sodium orthovanadate solution and 10-20 μl protease inhibitor cocktail solution per ml of 1X RIPA Lysis buffer to prepare complete RIPA.
• Use 3 ml complete RIPA per gram of tissue
- OR 1 ml complete RIPA per 2.0x107 cells in suspension
- OR 0.6 ml complete RIPA per subconfluent monolayer on a 100 mm plate.
Technical Information
Physical State:Liquid
Storage:Store at -20° C
For Research Use Only. Not Intended for Diagnostic or Therapeutic Use.

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