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6-(Allyloxycarbonylamino)-1-hexanol (CAS 146292-92-4)

Synonym:Allyl N-(6-hydroxyhexyl)carbamate; Prop-2-enyl N-(6-hydroxyhexyl)carbamate
CAS Number:146292-92-4
Molecular Weight:201.26
Molecular Formula:C10H19NO3
Refer to Certificate of Analysis for lot specific data (including water content).
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6-(Allyloxycarbonylamino)-1-hexanol sc-239085 1 g $78
This is a bifunctional spacer involved in the synthesis of protected 6-aminohexyl glycodide; the amino protection is cleaved by Pd(0).
Technical Information
Physical State:Solid
Storage:Store at room temperature
Melting Point:46-49 °C
Safety and Reference Information
PubChem CID:5142638
For Research Use Only. Not Intended for Diagnostic or Therapeutic Use.
1. M.T. Charreyre et al Makromol. Chem. 194, 117, (1993)
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