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YC-1 (CAS 170632-47-0)

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Application:An agent that can activate sGC independent of nitric oxide activation
CAS Number:170632-47-0
Molecular Weight:304.34
Molecular Formula:C19H16N2O2
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YC-1 can activate platelet soluble GCS (guanylate cylcase) indepedent of nitric oxide activation. It has the ability to inhibit aggregation of platelets and increase the platelets cAMP and cGMP content, as well as act as an antithrombotic compound. Data shows that the highest activation of GCS is observed in the presence of YC-1. The compound can suppress HIF-1 α activity in neonatal rat ventricular myocytes. Research shows that GCS activators (YC-1) might have the ability to activate the sGC/cGMP/PKG pathway and influence the activation of Ras/Raf-1/p44/42 MAPK. YC-1 is an activator of GCS (guanylate cylcase). YC-1 is an inhibitor of HIF-1 α.
Technical Information
Physical State:Solid
Solubility:Soluble in DMSO (12 mg/ml), methanol (5 mg/ml), ethanol (50 mM), DMF (~20 mg/ml), 5:2 DMSO:PBS(pH 7.2) (~10 ug/ml), and dichloromethane. Insoluble in water.
Storage:Store at -20° C
Melting Point:110-113° C
Boiling Point:~522.17° C at 760 mmHg (Predicted)
Density:~1.2 g/cm3 (Predicted)
Refractive Index:n20D 1.65 (Predicted)
IC50:soluble guanylyl cyclase: EC5050 = 18.6 µM; collagen (10 µg/ml) induced platelet aggregation: IC50 = 11.7-14.6 µM; thrombin (0.1 U/ml) induced platelet aggregation: IC50 = 57.3-59.3 µM; Guanylate cyclase soluble alpha-1 chain: EC5050 = 4.11 µM (Bos taurus); ACHN: IC50 = 300 nM (human); hypoxia-induced HIF-1 transcriptional activity: IC50 = 1.2 µM; NCI-H226: IC50 = 1.9 µM (human); Hypoxia-inducible factor 1 alpha: IC50 = 2 µM (human); AGS: IC50 = 2 µM (human)
pK Values:pKa: 13.83 (Predicted), pKb: 1.15 (Predicted)
Safety and Reference Information
WGK Germany:3
PubChem CID:5712
MDL Number:MFCD06407798
For Research Use Only. Not Intended for Diagnostic or Therapeutic Use.

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