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Monosodium urate (crystals) (CAS 1198-77-2)

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Synonym:Uric acid monosodium salt (crystals)
Application:A Cryopyrin inflammatory compound that induces IL-1β production
CAS Number:1198-77-2
Molecular Weight:190.10
Molecular Formula:C5H3N4O3•Na
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Monosodium urate has been reported to be an inflammatory compound. Mechanistic studies suggest that this compound intracellularly engages caspase-1-activating cryopyrin inflammasome, resulting in the production of active IL-1β and IL-18. Experiments have shown that monosodium urate crystals also induce triggering receptor expressed on myeloid cells 1 (TREM-1) expression in infiltrating leukocytes in a murine air-pouch model of crystal-induced acute inflammation. Monosodium urate is also an activator of cryopyrin.
Solution may appear as a slightly hazy suspension.
Technical Information
Physical State:Solid
Solubility:Soluble in 1M NaOH (25 mg/ml), and PBS.
Storage:Store at -20° C
Refractive Index:n20D ~1.72 (Predicted)
Safety and Reference Information
WGK Germany:3
PubChem CID:16220071
MDL Number:MFCD00067310
EC Number:214-838-1
For Research Use Only. Not Intended for Diagnostic or Therapeutic Use.

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