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ALDH1/2 Antibody (H-8): sc-166362


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  • ALDH1/2 Antibody (H-8) is a mouse monoclonal IgG2b (kappa light chain) provided at 200 µg/ml
  • raised against amino acids 186-270 mapping within an internal region of ALDH1A1 of human origin
  • recommended for detection of ALDH1A1, ALDH1A2, ALDH1A3 and ALDH2 of mouse, rat and human origin by WB, IP, IF, IHC(P) and ELISA
  • agarose (sc-166362 AC), 500 µg/0.25 ml agarose in 1 ml, for IP; HRP (sc-166362 HRP), 200 µg/ml, for WB, IHC(P) and ELISA; phycoerythrin (sc-166362 PE), fluorescein (sc-166362 FITC), Alexa Fluor® 488 (sc-166362 AF488) or Alexa Fluor® 647 (sc-166362 AF647), 200 µg/ml, for IF, IHC(P) and FCM
  • See m-IgGκ BP-HRP (mouse IgGκ binding protein-HRP): sc-516102, m-IgGκ BP-FITC: sc-516140, m-IgGκ BP-PE: sc-516141, or m-IgGκ BP-B: sc-516142, our highly recommended recombinant alternatives to conventional secondary anti-mouse IgG reagents.
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Full-length ALDH1/2 protein sequence with immunogen highlighted:

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Also see chemical ALDH1 Inhibitors or chemical ALDH2 Inhibitors for functional analysis of cellular responses to ALDH1 and ALDH2.

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ALDH1/2 Antibody (H-8) sc-166362 200 µg/ml $279
ALDH1/2 Antibody (H-8) AC sc-166362 AC 500 µg/ml, 25% ag $366
ALDH1/2 Antibody (H-8) AF488 sc-166362 AF488 200 µg/ml $314
ALDH1/2 Antibody (H-8) AF647 sc-166362 AF647 200 µg/ml $314
ALDH1/2 Antibody (H-8) FITC sc-166362 FITC 200 µg/ml $292
ALDH1/2 Antibody (H-8) HRP sc-166362 HRP 200 µg/ml $279
ALDH1/2 Antibody (H-8) PE sc-166362 PE 200 µg/ml $303
 CRISPR KO, HDR and Nickase Plasmids (click product name for more information)
Product NameCatalog #UnitPriceQtyAddFavorites
ALDH2 CRISPR/Cas9 KO Plasmid (h) sc-400809 20 µg $345
ALDH2 HDR Plasmid (h) sc-400809-HDR 20 µg $385
ALDH2 Double Nickase Plasmid (h) sc-400809-NIC 20 µg $355
ALDH2 Double Nickase Plasmid (h2) sc-400809-NIC-2 20 µg $355
ALDH2 CRISPR/Cas9 KO Plasmid (m) sc-419079 20 µg $345
ALDH2 HDR Plasmid (m) sc-419079-HDR 20 µg $385
ALDH2 Double Nickase Plasmid (m) sc-419079-NIC 20 µg $355
ALDH2 Double Nickase Plasmid (m2) sc-419079-NIC-2 20 µg $355
 CRISPR Activation Plasmids (click product name for more information)
Product NameCatalog #UnitPriceQtyAddFavorites
ALDH2 CRISPR Activation Plasmid (h) sc-400809-ACT 20 µg $345
ALDH2 CRISPR Activation Plasmid (h2) sc-400809-ACT-2 20 µg $345
ALDH2 Lentiviral Activation Particles (h) sc-400809-LAC 200 µl $395
ALDH2 Lentiviral Activation Particles (h2) sc-400809-LAC-2 200 µl $395
ALDH2 CRISPR Activation Plasmid (m) sc-419079-ACT 20 µg $345
ALDH2 CRISPR Activation Plasmid (m2) sc-419079-ACT-2 20 µg $345
ALDH2 Lentiviral Activation Particles (m) sc-419079-LAC 200 µl $395
ALDH2 Lentiviral Activation Particles (m2) sc-419079-LAC-2 200 µl $395
 WB Positive Control Cell Lysates (click product name for more information)
Product NameCatalog #UnitPriceQtyAddFavorites
Hep G2 Cell Lysate sc-2227 500 µg/200 µl $104
mouse liver extract sc-2256 500 µg/200 µl $104
rat liver extract sc-2395 500 µg/200 µl $104
ALDH1A1 (m): 293T Lysate sc-118332 100 µg/200 µl $205
Species Gene Name Gene ID Chromosome Location Isoform (mRNA) Accession # Protein Accession # OMIM™ Number
Human ALDH1A1 216 9q21.13 NM_000689 P00352
Human ALDH2 217 12q24.12 NM_000690, NM_001204889 P05091
Human ALDH1A3 220 15q26.3 NM_000693 P47895
Human ALDH1A2 8854 15q21.3 NM_001206897, NM_003888, NM_170696, NM_170697 O94788
Mouse Aldh1a1 11668 19 B NM_013467 P24549
Mouse Aldh2 11669 5 F NM_009656 P47738
Mouse Aldh1a2 19378 9 D NM_009022 Q62148
Mouse Aldh1a3 56847 7 C NM_053080 Q9JHW9

Aldehyde dehydrogenases (ALDHs) mediate NADP+-dependent oxidation of aldehydes into acids during the detoxification of alcohol-derived acetaldehyde; metabolism of corticosteroids, biogenic amines and neurotransmitters; and lipid peroxidation. ALDH1A1, also designated retinal dehydrogenase 1 (RalDH1 or RALDH1); aldehyde dehydrogenase family 1 member A1; aldehyde dehydrogenase cytosolic; ALDHII; ALDH-E1 or ALDH E1, is a retinal dehydrogenase that participates in the biosynthesis of retinoic acid (RA). The major liver isoform ALDH1 localizes to cytosolic space, while ALDH2 localizzes to the mitochondria. The ALDH1A2 (RALDH2, RALDH2-T) gene produces three different transcripts and also catalyzes the synthesis of RA from retinaldehyde. ALDH2 is present in most Caucasians, yet is absent in 50% of Asians. The absence of this enzyme has been linked to alcohol intolerance; and thusly, a reduced risk for alcoholism-related liver disease.

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ALDH1/2 Antibody (H-8) Data
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ALDH1/2 (H-8): sc-166362. Western blot analysis of ALDH1/2 expression in rat liver tissue extract.
ALDH1/2 (H-8): sc-166362. Immunoperoxidase staining of formalin fixed, paraffin-embedded human kidney tissue showing cytoplasmic staining of cells in tubules.
ALDH1/2 (H-8): sc-166362. Immunofluorescence staining of methanol-fixed HeLa cells showing cytoplasmic localization.
ALDH1/2 (H-8): sc-166362. Western blot analysis of ALDH1/2 expression in Hep G2 (A), A549 (B) and Caki-1 (C) whole cell lysates and mouse liver tissue extract (D).
ALDH1/2 (H-8): sc-166362. Western blot analysis of ALDH1/2 expression in human skeletal muscle tissue extract.
ALDH1/2 (H-8): sc-166362. Western blot analysis of ALDH1A1 expression in non-transfected 293T: sc-117752 (A), mouse ALDH1A1 transfected 293T: sc-118332 (B) and Hep G2 (C) whole cell lysates.
ALDH1/2 (H-8): sc-166362. Western blot analysis of ALDH2 expression in non-transfected: sc-110760 (A) and human ALDH2 transfected: sc-158255 (B) 293 whole cell lysates.