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PGD Antibody (D-17): sc-138520

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  • PGD Antibody (D-17) is a rabbit polyclonal IgG provided at 100 µg/ml
  • epitope mapping within an internal region of PGD of human origin
  • recommended for detection of PGD of mouse, rat and human origin by WB, IF and ELISA; also reactive with additional species, including bovine and porcine
  • blocking peptide, sc-138520 P

See additional PGD Antibodies.

Also see chemical PGD Inhibitors for functional analysis of cellular responses to PGD.

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 Ordering Information
Product NameCatalog #UnitPriceQtyAddFavorites
PGD Antibody (D-17) sc-138520 100 µg/ml $279
PGD (D-17) P sc-138520 P
100 µg/0.5 ml $61
 CRISPR/Cas9 KO and HDR Plasmids (click product name for more information)
Product NameCatalog #UnitPriceQtyAddFavorites
PGD CRISPR/Cas9 KO Plasmid (h) sc-404842 20 µg $345
PGD HDR Plasmid (h) sc-404842-HDR 20 µg $385
PGD CRISPR/Cas9 KO Plasmid (m) sc-431002 20 µg $345
PGD HDR Plasmid (m) sc-431002-HDR 20 µg $385
 siRNA Gene Silencers (click product name for more information)
Product NameCatalog #UnitPriceQtyAddFavorites
PGD siRNA (h) sc-78779 10 µM $258
PGD siRNA (m) sc-152188 10 µM $258
PGD (h)-PR sc-78779-PR 10 µM, 20 µl $23
PGD (m)-PR sc-152188-PR 10 µM, 20 µl $23
 shRNA Plasmids (click product name for more information)
Product NameCatalog #UnitPriceQtyAddFavorites
PGD shRNA Plasmid (h) sc-78779-SH 20 µg $520
PGD shRNA Plasmid (m) sc-152188-SH 20 µg $520
 shRNA Lentiviral Particles (click product name for more information)
Product NameCatalog #UnitPriceQtyAddFavorites
PGD shRNA (h) Lentiviral Particles sc-78779-V 200 µl $625
PGD shRNA (m) Lentiviral Particles sc-152188-V 200 µl $625
Species Gene Name Gene ID Chromosome Location Isoform (mRNA) Accession # Protein Accession # OMIM™ Number
Human PGD 5226 1p36.22 NM_002631 P52209
Mouse Pgd 110208 4 E2 NM_001081274 Q9DCD0

PGD (phosphogluconate dehydrogenase), also referred to as 6PGD, is a 483 amino acid enzyme that is involved in the pentose phosphate shunt. Pentose is required for nucleic acid biosynthesis and the pentose phosphate cycle is a major source of NADPH. As the second dehydrogenase in the pentose phosphate cycle, PGD catalyzes the oxidative decarboxylation of PGD to ribulose 5-phosphate, following the release of CO2 and the reduction of NADP. PGD deficiency increases the level of erythrocyte pyruvate kinase (PK) activity and reduces glutathione synthetase (GSH), resulting in hemolysis. Defects in PGD are generally asymptomatic and are inherited in an autosomal dominant fashion. Catalytic active regions of PGD, such as those forming the substrate and coenzyme binding sites, are highly conserved in most species.