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Cytokeratin 17 Antibody (V-17): sc-101931

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  • Cytokeratin 17 Antibody (V-17) is a rabbit polyclonal IgG provided at 50 µg/0.5 ml
  • raised against Cytokeratin 17 of human origin
  • recommended for detection of Cytokeratin 17 of mouse, rat, human and canine origin by WB, IP, IF, IHC(P) and ELISA
  • See 1 citations for Cytokeratin 17 Antibody (V-17)

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Cytokeratin 17 Antibody (V-17) sc-101931 50 µg/0.5 ml $279
 siRNA Gene Silencers (click product name for more information)
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Cytokeratin 17 siRNA (h) sc-43311 10 µM $258
Cytokeratin 17 siRNA (m) sc-43312 10 µM $258
Cytokeratin 17 (h)-PR sc-43311-PR 10 µM, 20 µl $23
Cytokeratin 17 (m)-PR sc-43312-PR 10 µM, 20 µl $23
 shRNA Plasmids (click product name for more information)
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Cytokeratin 17 shRNA Plasmid (h) sc-43311-SH 20 µg $520
Cytokeratin 17 shRNA Plasmid (m) sc-43312-SH 20 µg $520
 shRNA Lentiviral Particles (click product name for more information)
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Cytokeratin 17 shRNA (h) Lentiviral Particles sc-43311-V 200 µl $625
Cytokeratin 17 shRNA (m) Lentiviral Particles sc-43312-V 200 µl $625
 WB Positive Control Cell Lysates (click product name for more information)
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Hep G2 Cell Lysate sc-2227 500 µg/200 µl $104
A-431 Whole Cell Lysate sc-2201 500 µg/200 µl $104
Species Gene Name Gene ID Chromosome Location Isoform (mRNA) Accession # Protein Accession # OMIM™ Number
Human KRT17 3872 17q21.2 NM_000422 Q04695
Mouse Krt17 16667 11 D Q9QWL7

Cytokeratin 17 is a member of the Cytokeratin subfamily of intermediate filament proteins (IFPs). It is unique in that it is normally expressed in the basal cells of complex epithelia but not in stratified or simple epithelia. Cytokeratin 17 contains 432 amino acids and is expressed in the nail bed, hair follicle, sebaceous glands and other epidermal appendages. Cytokeratin 17 functions to regulate cell growth and size through its interactions with the adaptor protein 14-3-3-sigma to mediate protein synthesis. Mutations in the gene encoding for Cytokeratin 17 lead to depressed protein translation and smaller sized skin keratinocytes, corresponding to decreased Akt/mTOR signaling activity. Cytokeratin 17 may be a useful marker for cervical stem cell identification, squamous cell carcinoma of the larynx, respiratory syncytial virus and transitional cell carcinomas of the human urinary tract.

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Cytokeratin 17 Antibody (V-17) Data
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Cytokeratin 17 (V-17): sc-101931. Immunoperoxidase staining of formalin fixed, paraffin-embedded human kidney tissue showing cytoplasmic staining.
Cytokeratin 17 (V-17): sc-101931. Western blot analysis of Cytokeratin 17 expression in T24 whole cell lysate.