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We now offer a broad range of Solvents for use in various sample preparations and other applications. Our high quality polar and non-polar Solvents such as DMSO, Acetonitrile, DMF, DCM, Xylenes and Chloroform have been verified and tested for consistent results. Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO) is available in both standard, and sterile filtered formats. View detailed information on all our available Solvents by linking to the specific product blocks.

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n-Hexanesc-391150N-Hexane is a non-polar solvent CAS # 110-54-3

Ethyl D-Lactatesc-396339Ethyl D-Lactate is a reagent and low-toxicity solvent. CAS # 7699-00-5

1-O-Hexadecyl-rac-glycerolsc-2059171-O-Hexadecyl-rac-glycerol is a crystalline alcohol. CAS # 6145-69-3

1-(Ethoxy)nonafluorobutanesc-297671A non-ozone depleting solvent. CAS # 163702-05-4

1-Methoxy-2-propanolsc-237577A glycol ether and biological indicator for exposure. CAS # 107-98-2

1-Methyl-2-pyrrolidinonesc-237581A pyrrolidinone solvent that has been documented to act a cosolvent and a complexing agent at the same time. CAS # 872-50-4

Formamidesc-391116Formamide is a adenine deaminase inhibitor. This compound is used in DNA stripping during genetic fingerprinting techniques. CAS # 75-12-7

1,2-Dimethoxyethanesc-237681A solvent used to facilitate the formation of alikalai metal-hydro-carbon adducts. CAS # 110-71-4

1,2,3,4-Tetrahydronaphthalenesc-253969A compound is commonly used as a solvent for fats, oils, resins and waxes. CAS # 119-64-2

1,2,4-Trichlorobenzenesc-237701A compound useful in soil and groundwater contamination studies. CAS # 120-82-1

1,4-Dioxanesc-208794A hetorocyclic organic compound and aprotic solvent can sometimes act as a substitute for Tetrahydrofuran (sc-222349). CAS # 123-91-1

2-Ethoxyethanolsc-238024An organic solvent and component in chomatograph enantioresolution CAS # 110-80-5

2-Methoxyethyl acetatesc-238121An aprotic polar solvent that has been utilized as an agent to induce aneuploidy in yeast. CAS # 110-49-6

2-Methyl-1-propanolsc-238128A solvent for organic compounds. CAS # 78-83-1

2-Methyl-2-butanolsc-213839An isomer of amyl alcohol used in organic synthesis, biotransformation and microbial community structure and function studies in soil. CAS # 75-85-4

2-Methylbutanesc-238147A hydrocarbon used in flash freezing of biological samples. CAS # 78-78-4

2-Methyltetrahydrofuransc-238158An environmentally safer alternative, with a higher boiling point temperature, for Tetrahydrofuran (sc-222349) and Dichloromethane (sc-239703). CAS # 96-47-9

2-Propanolsc-3910002-Proponal, often called isopropyl alcohol, is a common solvent. CAS # 67-63-0

2,2,4-Trimethylpentanesc-209284An isomer of octane and the standard for the 100 point in octane rating; used in the study of S. cerivisiae. CAS # 540-84-1

3-Pentanonesc-238612A ketone and solvent that has been used as an inhibitor lipase B from Candida antarctica. CAS # 96-22-0

5-Methyl-2-hexanonesc-239055A biochemical for proteomics research. CAS # 110-12-3

Acetonitrilesc-207252Plasma deproteinizing prior to tryptophan quantitation by HPLC. CAS # 75-05-8

α,α,α-Trifluorotoluenesc-257042An alternative solvent to dichloromethane, where it has a higher bp and lower toxicity. CAS # 98-08-8

Acetonitrile with 0.1% ammonium acetatesc-233805A pre-made HPLC solvent for use in analytical chromatography. CAS # 148642-19-7

Benzenesc-239290An aromatic hydrocarbon employed as an intermediate in the production of other chemicals. CAS # 71-43-2

Butylbenzenesc-234246An organic solvent that has been used to induce cell death in vitro and for bioconversion. CAS # 104-51-8

Chloroformsc-239527A common laboratory reagent favored for use as a solvent due to the compounds relative unreactivity and miscibility with most organic compounds. CAS # 67-66-3

Cyclopentanesc-239622An acyclic hydrocarbon that occurs in petroleum. CAS # 287-92-3

Cyclopentyl methyl ethersc-252651Alternative to ether solvents such as THF, diethyl ether, and MTBE with a higher resistance to peroxide formation. CAS # 5614-37-9

Dichloromethanesc-239703An organic solvent that has been employed in the extraction of biological compounds. CAS # 75-09-2

Dichloromethanesc-239703An organic solvent that has been employed in the extraction of biological compounds. CAS # 75-09-2

Diethoxymethanesc-239720A biochemical and solvent for proteomics research. CAS # 462-95-3

1,3-Dimethyl-3,4,5,6-tetrahydro-2(1H)-pyrimidinonesc-253980 CAS # 7226-23-5

Diethylene glycol diethyl ethersc-239748An organic solvent that has been used to study the activities of enzymes in aqueous organic mixtures. CAS # 112-36-7

Diglymesc-211330A solvent that is used as a reaction medium for Grignard and similar syntheses. CAS # 111-96-6

Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO)sc-202581Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO) is a highly polar organic solvent with many applications in chemical and biological research, especially useful for solubilizing particularly polar molecules and as a co-solvent for PCR. CAS # 67-68-5

DMSO, Sterile Filteredsc-359032DMSO, Sterile Filtered is a solvent with wide ranging applications in biological research. CAS # 67-68-5

Ethyl 3-ethoxypropionatesc-279086Used as solvent in preparing new polymers. CAS # 763-69-9

Ethyl acetatesc-360246The ester of ethanol and acetic acid commonly used as a solvent, in extractions and column chromatography. CAS # 141-78-6

Ethylene glycol monopropyl ethersc-239962A solvent based on alkyl ether. CAS # 2807-30-9

Glycerolsc-29095Glycerol is used in polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis for sample and gel preparation. Useful as a solvent, plasticizer and humectant, protein stabilizer and storage buffer component. CAS # 56-81-5

Hexafluoroacetone deuteratesc-300793The labeled and liquid form of Hexafluoroacetone. CAS # 72301-81-6

Hexane, mixture of isomerssc-300798A laboratory product widely used as a non-polar solvent CAS # 92112-69-1

Isopentyl acetatesc-250190A widely employed ester that is commonly referred to as banana oil and has employed as a honey bee pheromone for attraction to sting. CAS # 123-92-2

m-Xylenesc-250273An organic solvent commonly used in histology. CAS # 108-38-3

Methylcyclohexanesc-250391A methylated cyclohexane organic solvent and starting material for toluene synthesis. CAS # 108-87-2

N,N-Dimethylacetamidesc-250514An organic compound that has been utilized as a non-polar solvent. CAS # 127-19-5

N,N-Dimethylformamidesc-253141A solvent that can be used for many hydrophobic organic compounds. CAS # 68-12-2

Nitrobenzenesc-250568An organic compound used a standard for detection and analyses as well as its removal from the environment. CAS # 98-95-3

p-Xylenesc-250639A colorless organic solvent commonly used in the production of benzoic, isophthalic and tetraphillic acids. CAS # 106-42-3

Pentanesc-250672An organic compound used as solvent to dissolve compounds containing a high number of alkyl groups and non-polar compounds. The chemical is also used in liquid chromatography. CAS # 109-66-0

Propionaldehydesc-250787A standard laboratory chemical used in the used in synthesis and purification PEGylated proteins. CAS # 123-38-6

Reagent Msc-296261A specialty product for proteomics research. CAS # 87242-92-0

Tetraglymesc-213018This compound is used as a solvent. CAS # 143-24-8

Tetraglyme-d6sc-220218A labeled Tetraglyme. Used as a solvent.

Tetrazole solutionsc-255654A catalyst for the preparation of phosphoramidite synthesis from stable dialkylaminophosphines and synthesis of phenothiazines. CAS # 288-94-8

Trichloroethylenesc-251310A chlorinated hydrocarbon commonly used as a solvent for organic material. CAS # 79-01-6

Triglymesc-213114Used as a solvent. CAS # 112-49-2

Water with 0.1% ammonium acetatesc-391046A pre-made HPLC solvent for use in analytical chromatography.

Xylene, mixed isomerssc-237422A mix of the ortho-, meta-, and para-xylene isomers used in histology. CAS # 1330-20-7

Diglyme-d6sc-218219Diglyme-d6 is a labeled Diglyme. Diglyme-d6 is a solvent used as a reaction medium for Grignard and similar synthesis. CAS # 111-96-6 (unlabeled)

Isopropanol-d7sc-358260 CAS # 19214-96-1