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HSP 70 Inhibitors

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For functional analysis of HSP 70 Inhibitors, see our complete listing of HSP 70 Antibodies.

Pifithrin-μsc-203195Pifithrin-μ blocks p53 interaction with Bcl-xL and Bcl-2 and inhibits p53 mitochondrial translocation. Pifithrin-μ also selectively inhibits HSP 70 activity. CAS # 64984-31-2

Heat Shock Protein Inhibitor Isc-221709Heat Shock Protein Inhibitor I inhibits HSP 70, HSP 72, and HSP 105. Heat Shock Protein Inhibitor I blocks the development of thermotolerance in a dose-dependent manner. CAS # 218924-25-5

VER 155008sc-358808VER 155008 is a novel adenosine-derived inhibitor of HSP 70 (heat shock protein 70) (IC50 = 0.5 μM). CAS # 1134156-31-2