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Caspase Activators

We now offer a broad range of Caspase Activators. Caspase family members function as key components of the apoptotic machinery and act to destroy specific target proteins which are critical to cellular longevity. Caspase Activators offered by Santa Cruz activate Caspase and, in some cases, other apoptosis and tumor related proteins. View detailed Caspase Activator specifications, including Caspase Activator CAS number, molecular weight, molecular formula and chemical structure, by linking to the specific product blocks.

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25-Hydroxycholesterolsc-21409125-Hydroxycholesterol suppresses the cleavage of sterol regulatory element binding proteins (SREBPs). It also induces apoptosis through down-regulation of Bcl-2 expression and activation of caspases. CAS # 2140-46-7

ABT-869sc-359037ABT-869 is an ATP-competitive, multi-targeted inhibitor effective against VEGF (Flk/Flt) and PDGFR families. CAS # 796967-16-3

Azaspiracid-1sc-202482Azaspiracid-1 is an activator of JNK (c-Jun-N-terminal kinase)and caspases. It is also a cellular growth inhibitor and inducer of cytoskeletal alterations. CAS # 214899-21-5

Betulinic Acidsc-200132Betulinic Acid is a cytotoxic agent that upregulates apoptotic proteins and affects mitochondrial membrane permeability. Also acts as a potent inhibitor of Hh/Gli signaling pathway. CAS # 472-15-1

Prodigiosinsc-202298Prodigiosin is a water insoluble, potent proapoptotic compound that belongs to a family of Prodigions isolated from gram-negative bacteria. It is also described as a red-pigmented antibiotic produced by Serratia marcescens strains. CAS # 82-89-3

Gambogic Acid sc-200137Gambogic Acid induces apoptosis without affecting the cell cycle and inhibits Bcl-2 family proteins. Gambogic Acid targets CD71 (transferrin receptors) and activates caspases. CAS # 2752-65-0

Trimidoxsc-222372Trimidox is a specific ribonucleotide reductase inhibitor that reduces levels of dGTP and dCTP in HL-60 cells, inducing apoptosis via activation of caspases without altering the cell cycle distribution. CAS # 95933-74-7

HA14-1sc-205911HA14-1 is a small, cell-permeable blocker of Bcl-2 action via surface pocket binding. Shown to induce apoptosis and disrupt Bax/Bcl-2 interaction. CAS # 65673-63-4

Cdk2 Inhibitor IV, NU6140sc-202531Cdk2 Inhibitor IV, NU6140 is a highly cell-permeable purine compound that displays anticancer properties and acts as a selective and ATP-competitive inhibitor of Cdks. CAS # 444723-13-1