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UltraCruz Supplements
This exciting new comprehensive line of high-quality,
affordable animal health supplements was developed
by our well-established team of research scientists, and
is used daily at the San Juan Ranch in the care of
livestock, performance horses and companion animals.

Animal Health Product Shipping Fees:

(continental U.S. only; some Animal Health products, including UltraCruz™ supplements, are available in Canada- check individual product information for availability details.)

Room temperature:

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Flat $7.95 for orders under $50

Blue Ice:

Shipped FedEx Overnight

Free Shipping for orders over $250

Flat $32.50 for orders under $250

Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information listed. However, it remains your responsibility to become familiar with the products you are purchasing. Please consult your veterinarian if you have any questions.

Santa Cruz Animal Health offers an extensive line of animal health care and veterinary products ranging from preventative care, maintenance and testing products to personal protection and general supplies needed for the care of ranch animals, including horses (equine), cows (bovine), goats (caprine) and swine (porcine). Browse our complete line of proven vaccines, supplements, diagnostic, reproductive and neonatal and fly and pest control supplies in addition to our antibiotics, pain relief supplies, dewormers and wound care products.

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